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Retreat & Retrieve

I’m writing this week’s article from 35,000 feet on my way to Minneapolis for a retreat with my coach and mastermind group.

Retreats are interesting for me because I almost always have some “breakdown” occur before, during or afterwards that ultimately allows me to propel forward. These breakdowns are really just me fighting letting go of some old way of being or doing or believing. My little voices go nuts and want to kick and scream and resist, but I think they are starting to get clued into the fact that I’m going to continue doing this work and any amount of resistance they may throw up is ultimately futile.

As I fly this time, I am aware that I must be due for something big, and I know it’s coming because unlike retreats in the past I’m heading to this one with a big stye in one eye (affecting vision) and an upper chest cold, which is affecting my voice.


I’m reminded of an insight I got a few months back on the way to a workshop I was teaching:

Everything is significant, and it doesn’t mean anything (until you say so…)

So, I’m noticing what’s coming up, and what wants to be expressed, and I’m setting the intention to release whatever is holding me back without making up any story about it so I can serve at an even higher level upon my return.

Are you ready for some breakthrough too?

There’s no requirement to get sick 😉 You need only be willing to retreat so you can retrieve what you left behind (namely your genius).

Retreating for a day or two will always propel you forward.




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