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Podcast Episode: What Ted Lasso has to Teach the Coaching Industry


What Ted Lasso has to Teach the Coaching Industry

with guest: Angella Johnson

The coaching industry is so big nowadays, wherever you go, you’re bound to find someone offering you a coaching course to help you improve upon yourself, but how do you know the advice you’re receiving is actually any good?


Let’s dive deep into that topic in today’s episode wherein we explore the TV series, “Ted Lasso”, and how it shows the in’s and outs of the coaching industry. This show follows Ted, an American football coach, who heads to the U.K. to help a struggling football team reach the top of English football.


Despite just seeming to be another comedy show at first, a lot of what happens in the series shows you the real life implications of coaching and how it can really affect people. So if all of this sounds interesting to you then tune in to hear what Ted Lasso can teach you about the coaching industry.  


In this episode I share: 

– Ted Lasso’s background  

– Creating safer spaces in the coaching world 

– A deeper understanding of trauma 

– Examples of trauma in Ted Lasso

– Toxic positivity

– Ted Lasso bringing in sports psychologists into the team

– Difference between projectors and generators 

– Unsolicited coaching 

Tools mentioned in this episode:

– Sacral Warrior Activation:

– Creating Safer Space Course:

– Visit my website:



Angella Johnson 


Guest Bio:

Angella Johnson is where soul meets strategy. She teaches mission-driven entrepreneurs how to break up with toxic marketing and share their brilliance with the world without feeling sleezy or manipulative, or falling for the latest scarcity-based tactics.

As the founder of the Intuitive Marketing Method™, the Soul Message Archetypes™, and the Projectors Thriving™ Community, she blazes the path for entrepreneurs to trust themselves, break the rules, and radically change what they think is possible and make more money without the hustle or hype.

She believes that our businesses can be used as vehicles to create social justice and equality while liberating women to create financial sovereignty.

She has shared stages with visionary leaders including Lisa Nichols, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Lynn Twist, and works with global clients who are excited to do business differently.

She is an artist, writer, and speaker who lives with her husband and their spoiled dog in Utah, on the unceded territory of the Goshute nation.

Get free trainings and connect with her at


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