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Podcast E7: Profit with Purpose

Welcome to episode 7 of the Prosper By Design Podcast!

Watch the show HERE.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • What prosperity is, and why it’s more than financial abundance or fame
  • How making money in alignment with your design is different from trying to be someone you’re not or who other people think you should be
  • The synergy and the intersection between an individual’s design, their business design, and the team design
  • How changing the way we see ourselves helps us to prosper naturally and fully
  •   Why discernment is so important to determine whether or not your goals are your own, and why your work will inevitably be unique
  • How being profitable is about being free energetically
  • Why the map of our design is the only system that matters, what to focus on instead of time management, and how your energy communicates your alignment or misalignment through your system all the time.


Mentioned in the Episode:


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