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Podcast E3: Finding Your Energetic Match

Welcome to episode 3 of the Living By Design Podcast!

Today we talk about the importance of finding people and places that match you energetically. We cover practical examples with my guest Julia Armet, founder of Higher Playbook, that will give you food for thought on how you can apply it to yourself as well.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Julia got started as a columnist for Elle magazine, and then moved into a role as director of community at a national matchmaker company
  • How she creates Playbooks for her clients, taking spiritual concepts and graphically applying them
  • How Generators might need to be around others, even if it’s just a coffee shop, in order to get the energy they need to work
  • How to go about having a Split Definition in your Human Design
  • How your mind is always in the past or future, while your body is in the present; and how to tap into your body

Click the image below to watch the video so you can see Julia’s chart. Grab a copy of your own chart and follow along!

Things Mentioned in the Episode:


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