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Out of the mouths of babes…

I was sitting with my kids at the PCC the other night eating dinner and a woman walked by with her baby on her hip.  My youngest (Anja, 3yo) said:  “Look Mama, she has a baby!  She has a baby with her…isn’t the baby cute?”  To which my son (Eli, 7yo) chimed in: “She is cute!  The best thing about that baby is she’s cute…no, wait the BEST thing about that baby is she’s loved.”  He flashed me the biggest smile with that twinkle in his big brown eyes that makes me wonder if he’s 107 instead of 7, and it brought me into the present moment with all the clarity and grace of a Divine smack upside the head.  I told him, “Eli, you are so very wise.”  He asked me if wise meant smart.  I told him “wise means heart smart.”  He smiled again.

Isn’t that really what wisdom is about?  Experience is important in cultivating wisdom, but as my kiddo showed me the other day, it’s more about connecting with what your heart knows, and then expressing it in the world.  We all have this wisdom, right here…right now.  Question is:  are we listening?  And if we are listening is there baggage in the way that keeps us from following our heart’s knowing and then freely sharing this with others?

Kids generally don’t have the “baggage” that blocks receiving clear messages from their heart and soul—they haven’t forgotten how yet, as many of us adults have.  They don’t edit or interpret the wisdom of their heart, they simply share.  Innocently and joyfully, they share.

Here are a couple ideas for connecting with your heart’s wisdom today:

1)   Unplug.  Get away from the computer and other electronic devices and get outside.  Go look at something beautiful.  Get your feet on the earth and ground yourself.  Barefoot is best, but just getting outside is great.

2)   Breathe.  Take a few deep breaths into the area of your heart, you may wish to put your hand on your chest/sternum to bring your awareness to your heart.  Imagine breathing into and out of your heart, allowing tension to release from your face, neck & shoulders, arms, torso, legs and feet.  Allow the tension to drain into the Earth to be transformed and recycled into Love.  Then send blessings from your heart center to the Earth, in appreciation for all the support and abundance you receive from Her each moment.

3)   Think of something you are grateful for or appreciate, or a positive memory and allow your whole body to experience that positive feeling as you continue breathing into your heart.

4)   Finally, ask your heart what is the next best step for you to take whether it’s how to deal in the present moment with someone or something that is challenging you, or feeling lost, confused or like you want to give up on a long-term goal.  Be patient and wait for the reply.  Depending on what the situation is it may come right away, or in an hour, few hours or days. Trust you’ll be given something from your heart that will guide you on your way.  (By the way, how our hearts communicate with us is different for everyone, practice listening and you will find your special language).

5)   Take action on whatever your heart told you to do or say.

6)   Repeat often.  The more you do this—the clearer the guidance will be.

Finally, listen to children—they are like big hearts running around on skinny little legs, laughing and playing and following their own wisdom…

From My Heart to Yours,



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