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Offerings For Generators

Activate Your Sacral Center

As Generators/Manifesting Generators our sacral center is a potent force of energy - for ourselves and the planet. Discover where you may be leaking your sacral energy and learn what it takes to generate clean, healthy energy in the 9-valves of your sacral center.

Join the Builder Revolution

The Builder Revolution is a membership program for Generator & Manifesting Generator business owners.

This is where you can receive tools, insights, live trainings, laser coaching and group support to MASTER YOUR MIND & TRUST YOUR GUT.

The Sacral Warrior Intensive

A deep dive into the 9 Energy Valves of the sacral center. You'll learn where you may be leaking your energy and how to 'potentize' your energy as you generate clean healthy sacral energy to magnetize your ideal clients and make money in a deeply satisfying way.

Generator Gold Treasure Map

There's GOLD in your sacral center and this 10-part program can help you discover it!

It's included in the Sacral Warrior Intensive program above, or purchase it today at a special rate.

Sacral Creation - Law of Attraction for Generator Types

This 2-part training turns LOA inside out for us Generators & MG's! If you've ever struggled with "manifesting" based on what's taught out there, discover how to tap into what's "in here" (in your sacral) and draw in what's truly for you!

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