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Middle Mind Myths

The Middle has a mythology all it’s own.

Forget Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Those are child’s play compared to the sinister myths that keep folks muddling in the middle for years.  Never quite slipping into the oblivion of total emotional follower, and never quite elevating oneself to conscious thought leader, the middle is a holding zone.  The moment we think we’ve “arrived” it’s probably a sure sign we are still on the path.

The middle, a foggy place of mediocrity, and malicious self-entrapment is a strange land.  It only exists in our mind, and yet…it seems so real!  What tricks us? What entices us into staying in this ‘comfort zone’ of medium?  It’s the world of  ‘just enough’, not too much (of anything), of moderation and complacency and playing by the rules of the elephant.

The elephant in the room says don’t speak out.  Don’t call each other out.  Don’t tell.  Turn a blind eye.  Don’t embarrass me, and I won’t blame you for it.  Don’t make me feel anything I don’t want to feel.  Play nice and play small.  Try to keep up, would you-but don’t get too big for your britches, or make us look bad by growing past us.

Who is us?

Think about that for a minute.  Who is us?  Really?

Last night I spent some time writing out the myths that keep folks in the middle.  Initially I thought there were only about 5 myths.  Then I kept writing.  They kept revealing themselves to me.  I came up with 20 myths so-far.  No wonder it’s so hard to break free!  Most of them I’ve thought or believed or felt were true at some point in my life.  Some I still grapple with! 🙂

Each myth has different levels of awareness within it as well.  There’s the level of recognition, where we read it, bump up against it, hear someone talk about it, and we say “oh, yeah-ain’t that the truth!”  We “know” it’s a myth, but we still live it.  We still act as if it is true.  Our knowing is only on the surface.

It’s like an opinion.  We’ll vehemently defend it, but when it comes down to discerning whether or not there’s any Truth to it, an opinion always loses.  It’s relative truth.  Not Truth.

As we take actions and make choices to bust the myths for ourselves, that’s when they really begin to dissolve.  We go beyond “knowing” them and spouting off about them self-righteously all the while living them hypocritically (did I mention I still grapple with some of these?!) and we start to actually re-write these myths.

We re-write our lives and take back our minds.

We become thought leaders.

In this case, a thought leader is not (necessarily) someone who is on the cutting edge of thought for masses of people, but rather on the cutting edge of thought and consciousness in their own life.  They lead their own thoughts, instead of following the emotional tempestuousness of trauma and drama and habit in their lives.

The middle is that way station between total unconscious “emotional follower” as I call that level of awareness and thought leader-the most expansive level of awareness.  I prefer to think of this as a continuum that most of us slide back and forth on depending on many different factors which all affect our thinking (mindset):

~conscious awareness of our power & responsibility in any given situation;

~mindfulness of how we create our reality and the potential effect we have on others and everything in the Universe;

~beliefs about ourselves, our worth, our place in the world;

~the emotional charge we have around people, places & events;

~physical health and diet;

~our spiritual connection to something beyond human awareness-Spirit, God, Universal Truth…

In the coming posts I’ll be blowing up those Middle Mind Myths using Inner Voice BombsTM.  They are the powerful Truths I’ve learned and intuited through my own Inner Voice, and through listening, learning and studying some of the greatest Inner Voices the human race has ever spoken.  All of which have helped me and millions of others to bust through these myths, and they continue to do so.

I would love to hear your feedback about these myths.  How they’ve shown up in your life.  What they trigger inside you. What it’s like to recognize them, and if you’ve blown them up for yourself, or have some great resources to share from others who’ve blown them up, let me know-this will benefit us all as we get out of the middle and (finally) get what we’re worth.

From My Heart to Yours,



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