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Middle Mind Myth #3

These are the myths that keep us stuck in the middle.  That crazy-making place of mediocrity, fogginess, and dashed dreams.  I’m dropping some Inner Voice BombsTM to explode these myths and help us all move out of the middle and into becoming thought-leaders in our own lives.

Middle Mind Myth#3:  “I don’t have the money/ I can’t afford it.”

Please take just a moment to ask yourself if this is really true.

You will get out of your business (and life!) what you put into it.

For years I thought I had a business.  What I really had was a very expensive hobby.

I actually have a t-shirt that says “Recovering H.O. (hobbyist owner)”  I wear it when I’m feeling shaky.

I got it at Suzanne Evan’s big marketing and training event, Be The Change, last year.

When I made the decision to invest in myself and my business, to take myself seriously and stop playing around with the idea of having a business (it sounds so romantic, doesn’t it?) that’s when things started to happen.  That’s when my income started going up.

When I got over myself and my beliefs around money–(and hey, I still bump up against some here and there, it’s a process, right?!) really cool people, opportunities, and abundance began flowing – and still does.

I’m going through a re-branding process right now.  My current colors and look, while it’s pretty and definitely a part of me, isn’t resonating for where I’m going, for who I’m becoming.  While that’s all fun, and I’m excited to have a new look – the real investment I make in myself and my business is in mindset coaching.

There will ALWAYS be some bill or major thing that comes up.  

That’s life.

…And many of those things can be negotiated. 

This is what I know for sure: EVERY TIME, without fail, I have invested in my business (and even gone into debt to do it*) the money came, it was there.  I made it back. I always have received exactly what I needed when I needed it because I was open to receiving it.

*There is “good debt” and “bad debt” by the way.  “Good debt” is investing in your business in timely ways, in ways that will propel you forward.  “Bad debt” is buying expensive shoes when you need to buy food, buying a big screen TV when you can’t afford to pay for it.  These do not bring a return on your investment, they do not improve your mental state so you can go make more money or a difference in the world.  They do not make your life or business run more efficiently or smoothly (unless your a shoe-designer or a video production company!)

I opened to receiving more income by saying “yes” and putting my money where my mouth is.  By putting skin in the game.  By choosing to believe in myself, even when all those crappy little voices were freaking out.

Investing is a walk in faith.

Growing your business, is often a walk in faith.

Every single successful person I have ever read, studied, listened to or known has said the same thing:

Mindset is the most important ingredient in the success equation.

If you think you can’t afford to change your mindset, (or that you have it all dialed in and don’t need to spend money on that) it’s a sure sign you’re stuck in the middle.  Why?  Because that’s the little voices of your ego who don’t want to be silenced. They’ll tell you whatever you need to hear to justify your beliefs-even if they keep you playing small.

Especially if they keep you playing small.  

That’s their job after all.

Friend, you can’t not afford it.



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