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Messy Mom Monday – September 14 2015


I was inspired to share this article from another parent on my Facebook timeline and write an extensive comment.…/…/join-me-in-judging…

Then I proceeded to get curious about my own judgements around people hitting their kids (I left them on the post on my page so you can see them).

My opinion that I shared left me feeling uneasy, because I have compassion for both sides of the coin. I’ve had clients on both sides of the issue, and based on what I shared, you’ll see I’ve been on both sides of the issue (hitter & hittee).

Ultimately, what I became aware of is: By judging anyone – the people who hit, or the people who don’t, we really create more of a mess than helping the children (or even helping the parents who feel they have no other workable option than to use corporal punishment).

The shame that comes up when we are judged immediately anchors us in our position and we bolster our defenses vs. solving the problem outright.

I don’t have an answer (yet!) to this hugemongous issue of corporal punishment, but what I do know is this: Whenever we judge others, we often create a bigger fucking mess than we intended to clean up with our opinions and point of view of how it should be.

I don’t mean sweep it under the rug and ignore it, but how can we look upon these issues without judgement? Without making anyone else wrong, or ourselves right?

What would be possible then?


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