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Messy Mom Monday – October 5, 2015

Dogs, control freaking, receiving, and enlightenment. That’s what today’s #MessyMomMonday is all about.

MessyParentingI like dogs. I really do – someday we will have one of our own. And at the risk of offending 99% of my friends and the 98% of people who live in this town (because they are all dog-owners and in various states of dog-gaga) I have to share this messy moment story because…well, it happened.

When I’m out walking and enjoying my peaceful reverie, I don’t like dogs to jump up on me. Especially when they are all dusty and dirty from being on the trail and I’m wearing my favorite pants (which is exactly what happened today). One time I saw a dog owner at a dog-park covered in shit because her dog had stepped in turds and then jumped up on her. It was hard to have a conversation with her while she was covered in crap.

But I digress.

These enthusiastic dog’s human counterparts have an interesting reaction to my telling their dog “no” and “down”. They act offended and even a bit righteous, like they can’t believe I’m shunning their beloved pooch.

Nope, not shunning – just protecting myself (have you ever been scratched through your clothing by a dog that jumps up then drags it’s toenails down your leg? It hurts.)

Anyhoo. It happened again this morning, and *of course* I was annoyed.
As I got closer to home I began to think about my “of course” annoyance. I began to notice my knee-jerk reaction and judgement of the dog, judgment of the owners, and then judging my own reaction. I asked myself why I dislike it so much when clearly this friendly pup just wants to say “WoooHooo! Hello! Pet me!!!!!!!!!”

I thought about how God is d-o-g spelled backwards (yes, we all know this and it’s kinda trite, but it hit me in a different way, so stay with me OK?)

I thought about all the times God is running into me all enthusiastic and sometimes really messily, and how many times I say “no!” and “down” before I’ve even had a chance to see what God/Divine Love is bringing me.

I thought about how totally amazingly alive and loving a healthy dog is, and how darn messy they can be too (not unlike children!) and my heart
softened a little. I asked myself what am I afraid of? Getting some dirt on my clean pants? Stopping my walk for a moment to say “Hi” back? Dropping my agenda to welcome a brief distraction, even if it is slobbery, dirty, and smells like dog-breath?

I realized how controlling it is of me to try to keep life and my pants clean at all costs. I saw how I’ve been doing this in lots of areas of my life, in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Do you do this too?

I would still rather avoid being jumped up on, but my judgement is the crap I’ve been wearing all the time and didn’t see it, so I’m really not so different from the turd-lady I described above.

Tomorrow I think I’ll just drop the judgement and see what Dog brings me…


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