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Messy Mom Monday – October 26, 2015

#‎MessyMomMonday‬ ‪#‎ADivineMess‬

Here is the great irony of my life: Up to this point, I seem to have learned the most about communication, intuition, success, failure, parenting, and pretty much everything else from doing the very thing that would create a big f*cking mess in my life, business, relationships. (Do you learn that way too?)

How does this happen?

Avoiding conflict.
Not listening to my Inner Voice.
By saying “yes” when I meant “no.”
By staying too long, when I clearly should have gone.
By not valuing: my time, my energy, my gifts, and my presence.
By hiding because I don’t want anyone to know I’m not perfect.
(Ha! The secret is out)

…Basically, by avoiding making a mess in the first place.

Kris-MMM-crownI am officially taking off my “High Priestess of Sweeping INNER TRUTH Under The Rug” crown.

I’m having a crown burning ceremony on the full moon Oct 27th.
(want to join me?)

And what, Oh Holy of Holies, does your crown say? What royal decree that is holding you and your life in bondage shall you be relinquishing?

Here’s my crown (yes, those are brooms!)
…What does yours look like?

Hint: Write on the inside whatever you’re relinquishing before you burn it!


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