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Mercury Retrograde Rocks!

Mercury Retrograde Rocks!

Perhaps you’ve felt “pulled through the eye of the needle” in the last 6 months since the Winter Solstice December 21st, 2013.

You are not alone.

Perhaps you’ve felt the energy building and shifting in the last 6 months, both personally and globally, but didn’t have words for it.  We are in a time (and have been for awhile) where coming into alignment with Truth, both our personal truth and Universal Truth is happening, whether we are aware of it consciously or not.

This is a good thing.

Perhaps you’ve felt (and seen) the direct correlation between when you’re in alignment with your personal truth and communicating this truth and the resulting growth in your income, and when you’re confused, fearful, and stuck in old patterns, and the resulting stagnation in your bank account or relationships.

This is the challenge (and opportunity) for all of us right now.

Mercury Retrograde (MRx) in general, and this one in particular (June 7-30th) is a great time to get clear on your truth so when July 1st rolls around and the second six months of 2014 begins, you are really ready to experience the opportunity and expansion that is available to you in all areas of your life (including your bank account.)

Most people have this really negative reaction to Mercury Retrograde, either because of what they’ve heard or read about it from other people, or because they dislike what MRx calls us to do.

I used to feel this way too.

 Let’s be clear: Slowing down, cleaning up loose ends, really seeing where we are not living true to ourselves and our values, having miscommunication and arguments with our loved ones about stupid sh*t, having appointments cancel last minute, travel plans thwarted, business slow to a crawl, computer issues pop up and having the sense that the sand is shifting under our feet (all things that tend to happen during MRx) really SUCKS! 

AND…it doesn’t have to.

You can resist: you can stay stuck, stay confused, and post disempowering statements about MRx on Facebook (Hey-I’ve done it!). You can try to keep your head above water and just muddle through until MRx passes.  All of these tactics are what make MRx suck.  It’s a choice.

Alternatively, you can really embrace what these 3 weeks call us to do: clean up, clear out, get real with ourselves (and others) and allow for our Inner Voice, our mainline to God and the Universal Divine Energy, to show us where to go next and how to show up ready to answer whatever call to action we are presented with-even when it’s uncomfortable. In this respect, Mercury Retrograde totally rocks and supports us on our journey.

Are you up for answering the call of your Inner Voice?

It’s all about getting CLARITY.

Clarity about what is important to us.  Clarity about who we truly are and why we are here, and the value each of us brings to the whole through sharing our unique gifts and perspective.  When you have clarity you are able to streamline, simplify, and become wholly focused on living your purpose in ALL areas of your life, not just professionally.   When you have clarity you know what makes you special and valuable.  You stop comparing yourself to others and feeling crappy because you don’t see how you are just as brilliant as they are in your own unique way.  With clarity you have discernment.

Below I share how to make the most of the energy that’s been building since December and that is really coming to a head here in June 2014.  This energy is all about Clarity and now we are, each of us, at a critical crossroads.

 We have been able to get away with a lot of misalignment in the last several decades and still be successful. 

Not anymore.

The game is much more intense and calls for higher levels of integrity and honesty (with ourselves mostly!)  When you’re honest and clear within yourself, you can’t help but be that with others.

I’ve been calling this the Summer of Clarity in my mind and with a little push in the next 2 weeks to focus on getting clear you can make the most of the energy that will become available July 1st and beyond to assist you in expanding your reach and success – however you define it – in all areas of your life.

 I’ll put it to you bluntly: get clear or go home because confusion will just bring more of it and in bigger, more uncomfortable ways!

I’ve chunked what to do into 5 areas of the AligndsetTM Map (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic).  The AligndsetTM Map can be found in my book, Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper.

MRx AligndsetTM To-Do List:

Physically: Clean up & clear out! Make room for new energy.  Clean those closets, junk drawers, and files (paper & computer).  Watch what you’re eating & drinking, get more sleep (this is one that’s toughest for me!), and move your body.  Release pent-up energy & frustration through moving it – both in your body and environment!

Mentally: Clear out old beliefs, patterns of thinking, and crappy constructs that disempower you. How do you see yourself? Do you know what your genius is and how to share it?  A LOT of mental space can be taken up trying to figure this out.  Your mind can come up with endless schemes and ideas.  How do you tell which ones to follow, and which to let go of?  Learn to make decisions wisely and you’ll be able to sort out what ideas to follow and which ones to let go of.  Get clear about your genius so you can share it with conviction.

Emotionally:  What patterns are you seeing in your conversations with others? What truth are you not saying either to yourself or to others?  Where are you holding yourself back and letting fear, lack of confidence, and emotional baggage run your business and relationships?  This is a great time to learn how to manage your emotions and discern between your intuition and fear.  You are being called to release emotional baggage & patterns right now.  Do it.

Spiritually:  Is there any space for God in your busy, hectic life?  Do you have a daily practice that allows you to connect to higher spiritual truths or are you so caught up in the day-to-day life of being a human being that you forget you’re a spiritual being first & foremost?  It takes great faith to speak your truth and live your purpose.  Make it a priority to connect to your Inner Voice daily and it will guide you to making decisions that build faith through right action.

Energetically:  Who or what drains your energy?  Who or what builds your energy?  Alignment here is essential because we communicate energetically first & foremost.  If you’re not clear, your marketing and sales conversations won’t be either.


Join us for a live webinar training on Tuesday June 24th called Summer of Clarity: Align Your Design With Your Money-Making Model. Register HERE. You’ll learn:

  • Why following your mentor’s money-model doesn’t always work (and how to make their strategy finally work for YOU!)
  • The 3 Keys in your Human Design that affect your ability to serve and receive money
  • The 3 Keys in your Soul Design that clarify your purpose and allow more flow in your finances
  • Why the summer months of 2014 are the best time to get this clarity energetically, and how to use the last week of Mercury Retrograde to your advantage!

Here’s to the Summer of Clarity-when the full heat of summer hits in July, may you feel as bright and shiny as sunlight hitting the waves on a clear sunny day at the beach…

From My Heart to Yours,


PS. In case you want to skip to the good stuff right away…One of my favorite tools for clarity these days is a Human Design Reading.  It’s a great place to start!  (I’ve added a 3-pay option for those of you who need to break up payments and I have 3 spots for a pay in full of $595. That’s $100 off!) First come, first serve so if you are interested, check out the link above and see what some clarity can do for you!

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about her experience with me and  understanding her Human Design:

 “It’s been several weeks since my Align Your Design reading with Kris and already things have shifted so much. First, my confidence to put my gifts and offerings out to the world has increased dramatically. Kris helped me know what my own unique money gateway is for my business and how to expand it to serve people better, make more money and not spin in circles because I’m following suggestions from others about building my business without knowing how I uniquely manage energy.”

Angella Johnson, Business strategist & intuitive for women entrepreneurs Soul Vision Strategies



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