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Low Self-Esteem Is a Choice

Today’s article is not an article. 🙂  It’s a recording!  Specifically it’s the first call from our Inner Voice Circle.

In this recording you’ll learn:

  • The TLC Turnaround™ (Or how to connect to your Inner Voice anywhere, anytime)
  • How we communicate energetically (and how to stop taking on other people’s crap)
  • Why discerning between the little voices and Inner Voice is crucial-and why it’s so dang hard sometimes!
  • How Self-esteem is both an agreement (i.e., choice) & conditioning and the power of self-esteem to actually HEAL you vs drag you down!

Access the recording here to listen online or download to your favorite listening device:

Join us in the Inner Voice Circle and get more clarity about who you are, courage to be actually BE YOU, & conviction of your worth & value!!

Did this recording resonate with you?  You can schedule a time to talk with me HERE.  I have a few slots left this week…

From My Heart To Yours,


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