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Listen Before You Speak


Confession time.  It’s been awhile since I wrote.  I needed to regroup…

I got derailed this summer.  I spent a huge amount of time, energy, and resources putting together a booth at the eWomen Conference in Dallas (back in July).

It was my first booth.  Despite the stress of getting ready, in many ways it was a fun and rewarding experience.  AND…when I got home, I hit a huge wall.  BAM!

You ever have that happen?

It took a couple months of chilling out, being with my family and learning to quiet down again so I could listen to my Inner Voice and reconnect with my who, what, why and how.

I stopped writing.  I checked out.  I needed to go inside and find myself again.

I had created a perfect storm.  One that had people thinking I was something I’m not.  One that had me thinking I could continue doing something I wasn’t passionate about, just because it was “hot” or could make money.  Ugh.

It was an expensive lesson, and like all the other gifts from my Inner Voice, one that has gotten me even more clear about what the hell I’m doing and how I serve using my unique genius…

What happened? I got busy busy busy!  I followed coach’s recommendations to take action–massive action.  But I missed a critical step.

Listen first.

Who we listen to is critical.  In all areas of our lives!

The mistake I made was listening to what everyone else wanted or thought I should do.  I listened to the little voices of fear that had me staying busy in order to remain blind and deaf to what my Inner Voice wanted.

All along I intuitively knew that this endeavor wasn’t in total alignment with what I really wanted to do, but it was too late–the banner was made, 1000 bookmarks printed.  Booth and plane tickets paid for, hotel reserved.  I couldn’t back out, people were counting on me.  I wanted to make it work.

I enjoyed the people I met and loved getting to know my fellow eWomen members.  That was the highlight for sure.

When I returned home, I couldn’t bring myself to write, connect or make sense of any of it.  I went into confusion. ( my default state when overwhelmed.)  [What do you do when you get overwhelmed??]

Through this whole process, I got clear on several things:

1) Listening to my Inner Voice and ignoring the “little voices” is imperative for success.

2) Who I’m being is much more important than taking massive action for action’s sake.

3) My intuition is my greatest asset, when I listen to it and trust it – magical things happen.

4) Helping other entrepreneurs listen to their Inner Voice and create their ideal business from this place, then go share it with their ideal clients, is what I do best.

5) If it don’t feel right, don’t do it. 😉  (said with a slight twang)

Where have you been listening to the “little voices” and taking lots of action – or the opposite – taking no action at all because you’ve been scared, overwhelmed, or anxious about the outcome?  Are you tired, burned out and wondering how you’ll make it through the last quarter of 2012 without total clarity and a message to share?

If so, you likely need an I.V. (Inner Voice) injection in your business.  Let’s talk. 206-4VOICE8.



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