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Insight Doesn’t Equal Change

When I worked at the University of Washington at the Behavioral Research & Therapy Clinic a friend of mine and I were discussing what made people change. He was a behaviorist and focused more on what people do. At the time I was much more into the more philosophical and analytic approach which favored insight and understanding internal experiences–the why behind what we do. He said something that really ticked me off at the time, because it challenged my thinking and I really was more interested in being “right” at the time vs being open to seeing other ways of looking at things. He said, “Insight doesn’t equal change.” For some of you, that may make total sense, and you already have been living that way for years. However, the number of self-help books lining shelves that explain the “why” of things so you can have insight is huge, but it doesn’t always equal change! (If it did, people would change, right?)

Throughout my upcoming book, Life Well Spoken, I offer you tips, techniques, inquiry and inspiration, so you can get a new result. I believe the energy techniques I use in my practice and helping people understand themselves and their choices are a huge part of what supports people in making big changes, relatively easily. I used to think I had to analyze and figure out my resistance and clear it before taking action. Not true. When you’re so paralyzed you can’t or won’t take the action, then yes – it’s helpful to clear some baggage out of the way. But frankly, just saying yes will drop so much baggage you won’t believe it.

Make a decision–then act. Take some action right away that reinforces what you just “got” via insight. Big action creates big results. That said, even “small” actions can yield big results. Be aware: fear can, and usually does, come in and try to scare you back to where you began. In many cases, you will get more powerful results all around, including deeper healing, more profound transformation and quantum leaps in your life and business if you decide first and process the fear later.

As someone who loves a good processing session, it’s taken me a long time to really get this. God can’t help you until you make a decision. And when you do decide, all manner of grace, support, and resources can – and will – show up.

Breakdowns happen and losing our focus happens, often because we need to make a decision and take action, and we are not letting ourself know what we need to do, let alone do it. When I was feeling called to upgrade the level of financial and time commitment I was doing with my coach, I went into an electrical storm. I literally could not drive our VW bus, it would just die on me (my husband could drive it fine the same day); I burned out the light fixture in our bedroom; my cell phone went on the fritz; and I kept running into walls. When I finally just made the decision my Inner Voice was guiding me to do, everything was fine and working again (except for the light fixture, we had to replace that!) I could have easily said that I was in a storm and that means I shouldn’t do it because my ego was so damn scared, it KNEW it’s days were numbered! But the storm was really the resistance I was experiencing to making that commitment.

Resistance is futile. It’s also no fun.

Raymond Holliwell, in Working With The Law, writes about the Law of Non-Resistance:

“One student wrote to me and said, “I am working hard over limitation, for I have had enough of it.” My answer to her was, “Cease working over limitation and work only for prosperity,” The Law does not require us to work over or against the things we do NOT want but it does require us to work with and for that which we do want.”

If someone or something comes along and says: “I can help you get what you want” and you want what they are offering (i.e, it’s a good fit) and you “know” deep inside it will help you get what you want or to transform some area of your life, then by all means, say “yes!” This is what Holliwell means above. Focusing on what you want and what resonates for you, focusing on what allows you to express your Inner Voice more easily and be in the flow, non-resistant, is working with the Law.

Just because you ‘see’ what you need to do or the value of doing something different, doesn’t mean it will change – you have to flip the switch yourself. Sometimes you will be called to say “yes” and act before you even know where or how the resources will show up; that’s when big changes occur because you are aligning with a hugely powerful force behind the Law of Non-Resistance:




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