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I’m woo. Are you?

After a recent and sudden tragic loss of someone important to me and my family I was out walking to clear my head. I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, and ungrounded. I had the thought “I need to pull myself together!” And immediately I heard a voice in my head, soft and soothing, say “and what would you pull back together?” Hmm. Good point. All those frayed strands of stories and identity that I thought were me, “holding me together” were really nothing more than that – stories. Me being who I thought I needed to be in order to…you guessed it LOOK GOOD, STAY SAFE, FIT IN.

Who I Am, who YOU Are, at the core doesn’t change depending on who we are with, yet so many of us hide that core part, those core gifts and qualities that sustain us when everything else falls apart. One of the gifts this loss has given me is the clarity of what’s really important and valuable to me and how few people really know who I am and what drives me.

I realized that there are whole parts of me and what I’m passionate about that I rarely, if ever, share with people-even some of my family members. Mostly because the message I got (and believe it or not, still get – even just days before writing this) that there are parts of me I “shouldn’t” or “can’t” share, especially the woo ones.

Well, here’s what most people don’t know about me, and honestly I will totally understand -and even welcome you to unsubscribe if you find that you just don’t jive with my vibe. I won’t take it personally.

angelI have used the word “intuitive” because it’s more palatable to most people. But really, I’m psychic. I see and know things before they happen. I see dead people (no, it’s not like that movie Sixth Sense). I talk to Angels-they are some of my favorite companions. I love crystals. I have a nice collection of them that I’ve been carrying around with me for over 25 years. I see energy. I am deeply empathic. I have an irreverent and crass sense of humor (some of you get to see that). I download whole chunks of information for my clients: marketing strategies, sales copy, where to attract their best clients, the root cause of patterns in their life, business, and relationships, etc. I’m deeply spiritual and full of love, and I have a potty mouth (of course you knew that already). I’ve spoken to Jesus several times (He’s as woo as they come, really). I’ve fought demons in my dreams, using language and hand movements that I’ve never learned before in this lifetime. (I have awoken in a sweat with physical soreness after these battle dreams). I communicate telepathically with my kids and sometimes with my clients. I have 4 “gift markings” on my hands (it’s relatively rare to have even 1 of them). I can “read” people’s minds and energy. I see pictures around people (I assume they are their memories). I see lights sparkling and flashing and energy fields around me on a daily basis.

There’s more…but you get the drift. I’m kind of out there. And yet…very practical too. Maybe it’s my clinical background, maybe it’s my family influence, but I feel like I’ve been “hiding” in practical. Not that practical is bad-many of my clients work with me because they know I’m both intuitive and practical, it’s just that….well, there’s a part of me that feels like I’ve been holding myself back by not sharing the really woo-woo parts of me and my work because I want to make sure it’s all “user friendly” and “palatable” and “professional”.

And you know, I’m not willing to hold myself back any more.

Life’s too damn precious.

A friend of mine and I were talking a week before my family’s loss and she had just lost her dad. She said she felt joy because he had lived a full life, shared himself, did what he loved to do. I told her it was such a gift for him to do that-not just for the world and all the people he impacted, but especially for his family because they only had to grieve the loss of him, not the loss of his potential too. His having lived a fulfilled life, gave them much to celebrate and be inspired by, vs. wondering what they could have done to make him happy during the last days and weeks of his life.

I never want my family to think, “she did great work, but she really did hold herself back” or “I never really knew her…did you?” OR, “she was only really happy when….too bad she didn’t share it with the world.”

Something that has been in my heart and visions for a long time is helping highly conscious parents of kids who are also intuitive, gifted, & sensitive, understand themselves and their children. I have been helping some parents over the years support their kids in a powerful way to understand how they are designed to think, feel, and express their gifts and purpose in the world (and what blocks them!). Ultimately these kids won’t need years of therapy and workshops to re-discover these gifts and own them in their 30’s, 40’s & 50’s (like myself and my adult clients!) It’s time to do that on a bigger scale and as an established service for families. I’ve created the Intuitive Parenting Circle specifically for these parents (and for myself as well!). (It starts in October-email me if you want to know more).

Hey, I’m not going to dress in a pointy hat or long robes and use a crystal ball (not that there’s anything wrong with those things-it’s just not my style.) But I will let you know that woo is spoken here and welcome and if there’s anything I can do to help you own whatever you’ve been hiding from the world, please let me know. I’m pretty sure I have a spell for that. 😉

From My Heart To Yours,


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