Life & Business Coaching by Design: What’s your unique genius? Let’s find out… 

Activate Your Design

Let’s Activate the genius inherent in your Design!

3 steps to Activation:

  1. Assessment: where are you now relative to where you want to be?
  2. Clarity: what are you creating is it even yours – or is it someone else’s vision?
  3. Understanding: key aspects of your unique design – your energetic map for success & flow.
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Step 1- Alignment Self-assessment

First of all – know this: Your design does you, not the other way around, so technically you’re always aligned with your design, because it’s who you are. 

That said, you can think of this self-assessment in terms of being aligned with the gifts and strengths of your design OR being aligned with the challenges inherent in your design. One feels like flow and the other feels like frustration, bitterness, anger, or disappointment.

10 signs you’re in alignment with your design:

  1. You feel a deep sense of purpose 
  2. You know what you’re good at (and what you’re not) and you’re OK with both
  3. You know deep inside there is no competition because you get how unique you truly are
  4. You are working in a way that energizes you without burning you out
  5. Your relationships with others inspire you vs. drain you 
  6. You trust your decisions
  7. You trust your perceptions & intuition
  8. You’re making money in a way that feels great to you
  9. You live, work, & play in environments that bring out the best in you
  10. You are clear about what you are creating and how to go about doing it in a way that feels most authentic and soul-filled for you

10 signs you’re out of alignment with your design:

  1. You feel frustrated, bitter, angry, and or disappointed more frequently than you’d like to admit
  2. You’re confused about your purpose
  3. You’re taking a lot of action, but feel like you’re not getting anywhere
  4. You don’t trust your awareness & instincts
  5. You second-guess your decisions and it often costs you time, money, & piece of mind
  6. You keep trying to do what others are doing, but it doesn’t work for you
  7. When working with others, you feel out-of-sync and either judge yourself or the other person(s) for it
  8. You feel energetically drained by the end of the day 
  9. Patterns & themes keep showing up in your life & relationships that are confusing or that feel lousy – and you’ve done therapy, coaching, mindset work, etc. and they don’t change
  10. You aren’t clear about what you’re creating and how to stay on course (let alone get started!)

You’re already 1/3 of the way through Activation! Woohoo!!

Steps 2 – Clarity and 3 – Understanding

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    This is a self-paced deep-dive coaching session to help you get really clear on what you’d like to create, change, be, do and/or have in the next 12 months.

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    •     Clarity on the WHAT (is it really your vision or someone else’s?) 
    •     Connection to your WHY (this is essential to your success) 
    •     Insight into your level of READINESS to take action (and what may be holding you back!)

    What others have to say about this session:

    “This coaching session is really awesome and helpful and normally I would have been distracted but you looked in my brain and said the exact words that kept me going.”

    Kris – this audio recording is SO exciting for me!  It is SO SO SO good and so robust!”
    “What a powerful, clear guide you are!”
    “I did the clarity meditation again this morning and girl it is soooo powerful!

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