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How to Choose In order to Save Your Life (and Business!) part 2

In last week’s article I shared with you how the little voices of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, criticism, judgement, etc. are typically the ones making your decisions for you.

How can I make such a bold claim? I’ll put it another way:

Unless you know absolutely and with complete clarity that you are making decisions in all areas of your life that are in alignment with your inner truth, and you are feeling free, confident, and never 2nd-guess yourself, those little voices and faulty decision-making skills are at the helm.

Frustration and overwhelm are two of the biggest results that happen when you make decisions from these little voices. Here’s the kicker: not only do those lousy decisions cause you a whole heap of trouble, irritation, and suck the life force out of you – they hurt other people too!

So many decisions are made everyday with other people in mind – if you are a business person and a parent, you are double-dipping in the decision-making guacamole of life, and if, by chance, you are wondering why you keep running into the same old pattern with coworkers, clients, kids and kin, then you’re probably running a faulty-choice software program, or people around you have a different style and it’s clashing with yours.

All of these choices and judgment of another’s authority style are based in fear. They are based in trying to get love, get security, and/or get self-esteem.

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while and listening to my main message, you’ll know that I believe when we listen to our Inner Voice, the voice of God within us and expressing through us (when we allow it!) then we prosper. We expand ourselves and we expand others.

But how do we do this?

In Human Design terms we look at our authority, or how we are designed to listen to this inner knowing, (aka, Inner Voice), and then how best to follow what guidance we receive. There are 6 authority types, which means that while there are similarities between folks and how they access this inner wisdom, not everyone is designed the same way.

I’ve even found that within each authority type it shows up a little differently for people, depending on what energy centers, gates and channels they have ‘activated’ or ‘defined’, so we hone in on what works for them specifically.

For the majority of people in the world the gut and emotions rule.

How is another story.

Two weeks ago I shared the gut-check exercise I designed for myself. You can find that here. It’s highly likely (unless you have had your chart done* and know otherwise) that your gut response is your front-line decision-making instrument.

However, you may also need to heed your emotions and wait for emotional clarity before you decide.

I shared the following exercise with a client today during an Inner Authority Alignment Session:

First she did the initial gut-check, and got a response for two different options. One was a clear uh-huh (yes), the other a clear uh-uh (no). Next I asked her to imagine her goal laid out clearly before her, on a path off in the distance. I had her imagine walking along this path until she came to a fork in the road. On one path was one of her options, down the other path was the other option. Both might lead her to her ultimate goal, but one would fast track her there.

I had her imagine walking down the path that seemed most intriguing or inviting to her. To notice how it smelled, tasted, sounded, looked, and above all felt. Once she had a clear read on that, she backed off that path and in her mind’s eye walked down the other path. She noticed what showed up through all her senses, and especially her felt sense.


She was clear after that exercise which option felt better to her. Which one brought her a sense of peace and inner calm. What was really cool to see is that the options were around what to focus on in her business, and as we explored her chart, it became even clearer how her choice made total sense given how she is designed. Her choice utilizes her innate being, her innate energy, to work in a powerful way, and she doesn’t need to get any training or fix anything in order to move forward. She only need be herself (and decide in alignment with her authority).


For some of you, you’ll know in an instant whether or not something is in alignment with you; for others you’ll need to follow your heart and do what you want; others of you will need to be true to yourself no matter what. (those are the other three inner authorities).

Here’s where things get really interesting: your authority is likely different from many people’s authority around you, and they probably won’t get your decision-making style, or try to make you wrong for using it. These are the 2 main reasons people abdicate their own inner authority.

No one is immune from this abdication (until they are inoculated with information, with self-knowledge, insight, and validation, then the game totally changes.)

Play with the two strategies I shared here and let me know what you decide. 😉 If you want more in-depth support, you can get that here.

From My Heart to Yours,

* You can get a free Human Design chart print out here


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