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How Do You Limbo?

My man is back where “home” used to be. He will be here in 4 sleeps.

We, kids and I, are in new “home town”, but not officially in our new “home” yet.

Staying at my mom’s and camping at new house until our “stuff”, our link to the past arrives. World Headquarters is boxed up.

In Limbo.

Goodbyes made to “old” friends. New friends not met yet.

“Old” scene fading from memory. Everything technicolor and “new” here. Unreal. Surreal.

Limbo. Limbo.
(how low can you go?)

Low, as in grounded.

How grounded can you get…in Limbo.
There is no ground.

What if, instead of grounding, instead of getting lower and trying to hold on for dear Life, you just let go…

Let go and  E X P A N D.
Embrace space.


BE space.


Limbo. Limbo.
(how in flow can you go?)

In limbo in some area of your life? Try this:

Big breath in. Bigger breath out.

Next breathe in…expand your awareness. Get real big. Bigger than the situation that makes you feel small, lost and insignificant. Now expand even bigger.

Limbo: it’s not just a party dance, or a dark state of waiting and searching.
It’s a place of receiving.

Bend backwards and open to receive. Surrender.

Get big enough to handle all the good coming your way.
Open to receive.

Limbo. Limbo. How in flow can you go?




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