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Fear is NOT Your Birthright

I’m mad.  Really mad.

It’s time you got mad too.

Why?  Because fear has got you by the ovaries.

I’ve talked to you.  I’ve listened to your dreams, your visions, your goals.

I’ve heard what stops you.

I’ve heard the excuses, “there’s not enough (money/time/belief) and the “oh it’s not so bad” comment to wave off whatever revulsion you may be feeling at the fact that you just shut your soul down AGAIN because of the worst 4-letter word in the English language:


I literally had a woman tell me this week that she’s too afraid to have a conversation that could bring her into alignment because of fear. (we are not even talking about action-just talking…)

Ladies (and gents), it’s time to get real.

Fear is not your birthright.  It’s not what you came here to live up to.

It’s not a badge of honor or something to allow to fester in your heart.

I get it.  There is a lot of fear out there in the world right now.  I’m not immune to it myself.  AND in many ways I am.

I have chosen to innoculate myself with the only thing that can handle the energy of fear and claim victory every time:

LOVE.  (and faith and trust…)

This is it folks.  There is no dress rehearsal.  There is no do-overs.  There isn’t a “oh maybe all this fearful stuff will pass if I just stick my head in the sand until it blows over, or my ducks are in a row.”

Oh, I SO get this.  I have lived most of my life racked by fear.  Seriously.  And then I got tired of it…and so mad about it I could scream.  And I did scream.  Why? Because I knew there was more for me to do than just sit by and be afraid.  I knew I was called to do, be, have, share, more

You are called too.

As my hairdresser told me yesterday, if you are in business, you’ve already been called.

I would say if you are in business, or are a parent, or influence anyone anywhere, then you are a leader, and by definition you have been called.

You are called to lead your own life and depending on the reach of your influence, the lives of others.

How will you answer?

with fear?

or with Courage?

Leading from the heart does not mean being led by your emotions. There is leading from the wall around your heart (which is the little voices/ego and fear) and there is leading from your ‘high heart’ which is the Christ Consciousness heart that so many spiritual traditions acknowledge and teach.


They are 2 different hearts.


If you are following fear, you are being led by the wall around your heart.


That is the hard thing you keep running into over and over again.


Your soul is trying to break free like a caged bird.


Let it. Out.



Are you mad yet?

Mad enough to LOVE your way out of fear?

Good.  It’s about time you got fired up.

(and you’ve got support below.)

From My Heart To Yours,



I invite you to the Lead From Your Heart Program.  It’s short, sweet and all about becoming a leader in your body, your life, your business, even in your household.  If you’re tired of being led by fear and want to step into leading from your “high heart” then this will support you on the journey to becoming a thought leader.

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