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Energy Management: Why this is ESSENTIAL to your success

How is your energy these days?

If you’ve been feeling like you have gone through the wringer, you’re right.

Several eclipses, retrograde planets, and bad air (literally with forest fires AND figuratively with the low energy frequency of so many folks having shadows rise up out of the darkness to be seen and dealt with – finally) it’s been a helluva few weeks (months…years??)

I had a clogged tear duct last week – it’s finally clearing up, but not before I got the message my body has been trying to send me for a LONG time.

As soon as I felt the twinge of pain in my eye I knew what was happening. The last time I got a clogged duct like this it turned into a stye that I had to have drained by my eye doctor. As you can imagine, I was not going to go THAT route again! So immediately I asked myself:

“What am I not seeing/ not willing to see here?”

What a powerful question.

I remained open and receptive. I didn’t try to control or dismiss the information coming to me, or even look for anything kind of evidence in particular. I just kept (and continue to do so) asking to be shown what is REAL.

As they say, the Truth will set you free.

Not just any truth though. Especially not someone’s version of the truth. Only what is REAL and True, and beyond what we human beings can control, contrive, create, and construct.

Do you know how to see and perceive this Truth?

Of course you do. You always have. But, like me, you likely override, ignore, or let your mind take over and obscure or dismiss your AWARENESS of the ENERGY around you.

You see, the only thing that is REAL is energy.

It’s what we – and everything – is made of. It cannot be created or destroyed. It is in every intention, word, action, and interaction.

It is how we communicate first and foremost – through energy.

Oh, you can ignore it. You can act like you don’t perceive it. But it’s simply not true. Because even if you are not consciously aware of the energy around you, in you, and coming at you from others – subconsciously you are aware.

Some are so aware of this energy that they have become adept at saying and doing EXACTLY what will get them ahead in the world, keep them safe, and even sound as though they have it all figured out – using the “right” words to appear as though they are evolved and spiritual – all the while evading truly being honest with themselves and others and taking advantage of the people who are “asleep” and not paying attention.


My eye screamed at me.

I hear you, body. I am waking up.

Your mind cannot perceive energy, only your body can. So when you let your mind override your knowing and awareness, you dismiss the clues. You miss the Truth.

Listen to your body.

The video below is all about energy. I made it for Projector/Advisor Types, but it pertains to you as well – no matter what your Human Design Type is – because the more you understand and become aware of your energy and the energy of others, the more successful you’ll be (however you define it).

Yours in Alignment,



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