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Do you know how to tell the Big D to F-off?


It never goes away.

It changes form.  It may get bigger or smaller depending on where you’re at in your life or business.  But it never totally goes away.


Doubt is sometimes like driving with the brake on.  And sometimes it’s like a big “U-ey” on the highway of success.  One minute you’re driving along just fine and then whammo, you’re going the other way!  What happened???

A doubt detour just came up.  Crud.


Some of the greatest thinkers, inventors, artists, singers, thought-leaders, spiritual leaders, and business people, were racked by debilitating doubt.

But they also had something else.  Something that kept them going when the big D reared it’s ugly head, and that little voice of doubt turned into a deafening roar:




All we need is a mustard-seed….


Here are 3 things you can do today to start building Faith:

1)  Get on your knees.  I’m serious.  You have got to surrender in order to receive the blessing that faith has to offer you.  No more lip service.  It’s about action here, the action of letting go of control.  Go ahead, you can do it…lessen your grip on the reigns.  That’s right…Surrender.

2)  Look for evidence.  Make a list of all the times you have actually done the thing you set out to do – even when you pulled it out of your ass.  (Especially when you did that!) List all the times you created something out of nothing.  When you bent time and got there with minutes to spare, when “technically” you should have been 10 minutes late (don’t know how to do this?  Call me–I’ll teach you!)  Recall the times when you manifested the exact amount of money, or the resources you needed, right when you needed them. How the “just right” person, or parking spot, or book appeared at the perfect moment. Look at this list daily and add to it often.

3)  Ask a question in order to engage your Inner Voice.  Ask yourself: “What’s right about this situation?  What’s right about this (or him/her) that I can’t see with my human eyes?”  Doubt comes from looking at what’s wrong, and trying to solve a “problem” (often by creating more of one).


In order to stop getting U-Turned by D you’ve got to bring your F-game.


Click here to set up a time to to talk and find out how I can help you so that when the big D comes up you can tell it to Faith-off. 🙂

From My Heart To Yours,





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