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Do you have control issues?

Hate feeling out of control? Yeah…me too.

Try this little reframe on and see what happens!

#HumanDesign + #AccessConsciousness = FREEDOM.

This little gate coming out of the heart center (gate 21) is the gate of CONTROL.

[Anyone else out there a control freak?? Yeah, me neither…] 😉

Just in case you might feel out of control and not like it one bit, I learned an Access Consciousness tool recently and it totally changed my view of control and needing/wanting to be in control – even when it’s part of your energetic design…

Where have you misconstrued what being out of control truly means?

***What if being out of control means that nothing and no one outside of you has control over you?***

Get the energy of that. Notice what that feels like in your body & being.

Notice how expansive that feels…

I love bringing Human Design & Access Consciousness together — It’s really helping me to expand beyond the ‘challenges’ of my design (like the gate of control) and to ask different questions: to live in what I call the ‘highest vibrational expression’ of my design.

If you’re wondering how to expand your energy BEYOND your design, to live in alignment with it – but also go beyond what you may have learned about yourself from other Human Design experts who may present this information in a “this is who you are and you’re just going to have to deal with it” manner, join myself and my dear friend, Angella Johnson, (Access Consciousness Facilitator & Projector Type) where we play with the energy of Human Design & Access Consciousness and blow the lid off both in our Access Your Design Programs for the different design types!!

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