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Creating A “Blizzard of AAH’s” in Your Business

You don’t know if you can until you are doing it.  There is no other way.  Create a crisis: a need or a problem that in the solving of it will call all of your skills, genius, and yes, even your courage and cojones to solve it…or die trying. ~KMP
My husband, Mike, was reminiscing with a guy at the local ski shop yesterday.  They were talking about Glen Plake and Scot Schmidt and Mike Hattrup, all extreme skiers from the late 80’s.  We watched some of the “Blizzard of Ahh’s” ski movie last night on uTube with the kids so they could see what’s possible with a couple of long (way long!) boards strapped to your feet and nothing but altitude, snow, nerves of steel and some neon-80‘s-attitude thrown in for good measure.

One of the first places they skied was in Chamonix, France.  There are many routes down those mountains, not all of them way beyond black diamond.  I’m sure there are even a few that a middle-of-the-road skier like myself could get down without insult or injury.  But not for these guys.

For them, the steeper the better.
Watching Glen, Scot, & Mike head down narrow couloirs with hidden crevasses at the bottom for no other reason than it was there, had snow and looked like a helluva lot of fun reminded me somewhat of business.

They weren’t particularly graceful heading down those steep slopes, sometimes they even took some spectacular spills and near misses, but they kept going.  What struck me most though, and where the business connection clicked, were the moments just before they tipped their skies over the lip of snow, pointed them downhill and jumped.

Before they leapt, they paused, studied the route, and I imagined there was a large part of them that was thinking “this is f’ing nuts! I’m not going to head down that”, and then another part that said “Looks like fun. I wonder if I can do it….”

Of course, that latter part won.

That part of us that wonders “Can I do it?” is the part that creates the kinds of crises necessary for the unfoldment of our genius and talents.

Those guys got good at skiing in extreme conditions because they followed the calling and did it, not because they just thought about or talked about skiing.

They skied their way out of the middle.

When we find ourselves stuck and not progressing, it’s a sure sign we are smack dab in the middle (of something!).  The middle is funny.  It is relative, depending on where you are, what you’re up to, but mostly depending on your level of awareness and willingness to expand and express everything you came here to Be, to Do, to Have in this lifetime.

The way out of the middle is to create a situation in which you have to play full out; to well, maybe not die trying, but to at least have enough skin in the game to hurt if you don’t take some action and dig deep to find that inner strength, wisdom and yes, cojones (or ovaries as the case may be!).

The AAH’s come when you breakthrough and successfully navigate the route.  Sometimes it’s the people watching you that will ooh and ahh. 😉

In 2012, I invested heavily in my business.  I invested when I had no idea where the money was coming from or whether or not I could expect a full return on my investment.  I invested in coaching, in sponsoring a booth at a conference, in training (and travel to get there).  I invested in a VA, in graphic design, in networking and in new clothes.  I invested in creating genuine connections with people who became clients, and people who referred clients.  I invested time, energy, and even sacrificed precious hours of sleep and time with my family so I could get where I am today.

I looked at the route, said a prayer, listened to my Inner Voice calling me forth and tipped my skies over the lip into the air.  And always, they have touched solid ground at some point!  As with any choice, it’s taking that initial leap that’s so darn tricky because where you are seems so safe and familiar and you have no idea where you’ll land once you do take off.

Hesitation can, and often does, keep people in the middle; they never take the leap-or when they do, the timing is just a little off and they crash land because they’ve spent so much time focusing on everything that can go wrong while standing on their edge!

When you choose to leap past your edge by creating situations where there is no turning back

…you are well on your way out of the middle.

As we close out 2012, and look towards 2013, what sorts of “problems” will you plan to create for yourself in order to break free from the stuck place where you may now find yourself?  

Some call it throwing your hat over the wall.

Someone in the middle would just tell herself I’ll get another hat-I didn’t like that one much anyway.  In my experience something a little more dramatic is often needed for breakthrough and success – how about jumping over the wall yourself…or if you prefer, skiing your way out?

If you’re up for creating a problem or crisis, or you’re aware that you’re already sitting on the lip of one and would like a guide for the route, give me a call (206-4-VOICE-8) you certainly don’t have to navigate it alone!

Here’s to a Happy New Year filled with aBlizzard of Business AAH’s’!

From My Heart To Yours,



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