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Comfortable Doesn’t Equal Success


When was the last time you made a decision in your business or your life that made you want to puke?


Think about the last time you made a big decision.  Don’t remember one off the top of your head?  Then I’m venturing a guess that you are feeling comfortable.

Maybe a little too comfortable.

Comfort is s funny thing.  One of my husband’s coworker’s once said to him (she’s from the Czech Republic, as are my in-laws) “I don’t understand Americans and ‘comfort food’, when ever I eat it I just feel uncomfortable.”

Ain’t that the truth?

It’s kind of like that with our ‘comfy beliefs’ and habits.  They feel comfortable, but only for so long, then they become distinctly uncomfortable.  At that point we either choose something different, something that moves us forward, or we choose to numb ourselves even more.  Pick your poison, they are all compelling.  Food?  Alcohol? Drugs? TV? Trauma/Drama in relationships?  All serve one purpose:  keep us safe and comfortable.

That makes no bloody sense you say!  No.  No it doesn’t.  That’s why we call it crazy (OK maybe crazy isn’t a PC way of saying it, how about insane?)

No, you’re not insane if you do this-we all do it to some extent.  It’s just that the strategy is insane because we keep thinking we’ll get a different result, but the reality is:

How can we get a new result when we stay stuck safely (and comfortably) in the middle?

Believe me.  I love me some comfort.  I hate to be cold, hungry, thirsty.  I like to sit in a booth vs an open table at a restaurant.  I dislike hiking and camping in the rain.  I’d rather be wearing comfy clothes than dress up–I’ve always been like that. I don’t like dresses and prefer to wear layers and jeans. I love fabulous shoes, but if they aren’t comfy, I won’t buy them.  Hence, I have a closet full of comfortable, but not particularly sexy or trendy shoes.

In my head I’m a thought leader.  In reality I’ve spoken to placate the people around me.  I’ve tried to keep the peace to make things…well, comfortable for everyone.  I’ve kept myself small and invisible because the thought of being more visible and expressing my ideas literally terrified me.

No more.

My Most Trusted Advisor (MTA) and I have been having some conversations lately.  She’s also my Inner Voice.  The one who knows the next best step for me, the one who is my champion, the one who guides me intuitively through the maze of life, business, and making decisions. (You have an MTA too, by the way!)

She’s been telling me it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.  To bring myself fully and fearlessly into the world and serve more people.  She’s been guiding me for many years.

Every time I listen to her, things work out. 

They just do.

Sometimes I want to puke because what she calls me to do is BIG.  It’s bigger than I ever saw myself being, doing or having, and all the little voices in my head go absolutely nuts and try to keep me from stepping forward.  They are so good at it-and sneaky too!

This week I had to make perhaps one of the biggest decisions yet in my business and my life.  My circuits literally fried.  Electrical equipment around me started failing, including lights, my phone and a two-ton VW bus. (All were fine for others and work great now).  I wanted to puke for two days.

I wanted to puke because I was resisting.  I didn’t want to step up or out of my comfort zone.  But I had finally reached a critical mass regarding my Soul’s calling.  It won’t be quieted down any more-not without a fight or a lot of discomfort at least!

Have you ever felt like this?  Do you feel like maybe things are just a little too comfortable these days, like you know you’re called to do something even bigger than you’re doing…but you’re holding back because you don’t know what you’d do or how you’d do it? (Or even who you’d become in the process?) 

Maybe you’re actually to the point of feeling really uncomfortable, and have been for some time, like you’re wearing a pair of tight pants after Thanksgiving Dinner.  You need a release.  I’m not talking about  just-undo-the-top-button on those pants, you need to actually change the darn pants altogether because they simply don’t fit any more.  You’re much bigger than they are (I’m talking about your spirit and your desire-not your ass growing!).

Part of what held me back is that I’ve been just playing around with some ideas for the past year or so, and they’ve been percolating slowly.  I’ve been keeping them under wraps. Judging them and myself as not worthy or ready to share them with the world-who am I after all? To which the Universe responded: “Who the hell are you NOT to share?!” And then promptly gave me opportunity to make a choice:

Stay small and increasingly uncomfortable, dying inside a little more each time I said “no” to my Inner Voice, or choose full on discomfort, walking in faith and guided by my Most Trusted Advisor.

I chose the latter.  I feel strangely comfortable here.  It’s good.  Probably the closest to ‘home’ I’ve ever felt in my life.

Having said “yes!” to myself and my business, I wanted (and needed) clarity. I wanted to give a structure and vision to the ideas in my head.  I wanted to get my own message.  A VIP Day with my coach did just that.  I’ve been doing them for others but was sorely needing one myself.  How about you?

VIP Day Mapping
Clarity Is A Beautiful Thing

(This is just part of the mapping we did that day.  It feels so good!  Watch for the changes around here…they are juicy!)

What if ‘comfortable’ is keeping you broke and playing small?  What if stepping out into uncomfortable territory and trusting your Inner Voice, even against all “rational” evidence around you, was the very thing you and your business need to kick-start 2013?

Ready to get comfortable in your own skin while you step out of your comfort zone?

I only have a couple spots left in 2012 for a VIP Day experience that will take you to new heights, and maybe even some new pants!  I want to help you start 2013 off with a plan and clarity about who you are and where you are going because it’s so much more comfortable with a plan and a vision-and a huge helping of faith in your Inner Knowing.  😉

From My Heart to Yours,


Clients Speak:  In their words…

“Soon after I saw Kris speak, I was laid-off from my job. I had been dabbling with a presentation coaching business but was stuck. I didn’t have a package structure and didn’t know where to go yet. I decided to work with Kris because I loved her personality, she was a great listener and her service fit perfectly with where I was stuck.

Our VIP day was amazing. I always thought I did not having a coaching framework. Kris asked all the right questions, and she was able to pluck from my head the framework I used time and time again. This launched a series of blog post explaining my process and is going to lead to a workbook as well.  As a result, I feel more sure with where I am going in my business. I have structure, packages, and an amazing signature speech that audiences enjoy and get great value. I was always really uncomfortable with sales. Kris showed me that the sales process does not have to be slimy, but instead is just a really great speech and a conversation.  If you are thinking about working with Kris I would say “Do it!” She is a keen listener, honest, and helps you get unstuck in your business. She will propel you forward. I loved working with her.”

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D., Relationally Speaking,

I have 3 more openings for VIP Days in December.  This is an ideal way to get you on track to begin 2013 at pace, instead of waiting for the new year to roll around and starting cold!  Give yourself the gift of clarity and commitment to making 2013 a stellar year in your business!

Some things we can cover in a VIP Day:

~Get clear on what makes you unique in your field (how do you stand out?)

~Clarity on your who, what, how, and the biggest of all: your WHY! (this is your purpose and your genius and what will keep you going when you feel like quitting!)

~Create a Signature Talk that sells (if you are a speaker or want to grow your business this way, there is an art & science to this!)

~Structure your offerings: ideas, pricing, and delivery and VALUE!

~Sales & speaking confidence (including those elevator introductions and selling from the stage!)

~Break through your money barriers and limiting beliefs (this is one of the fastest ways to increase your income!)

Click here to schedule a complimentary call to find out if A VIP Day is your next step to success!



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