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Claim Your Genius

Last month I wrote a blog post called “Claim Your Baggage” You can read it here.

Today I’d like follow up on the theme of claiming what is ours.  I believe that we need to own our baggage in order to release it.  On the flip side, in order to share our genius, and celebrate the genius in others, we need to claim our own as well.

I’d like to share a personal example.  I used to feel very self-conscious of the fact that I like to be alone.  And I felt conflicted because while I love to be with people and work both in groups and one-on-one, what really recharges me is to be by myself.  I used to think that meant I was antisocial, and how could I work with people and serve them if I’d rather be alone?!

Also, how can I get up and speak in front of groups if I feel overwhelmed by all the energy coming at me?  I saw it as a problem, and one I had to overcome–that I had to “fix”.  Lord knows I’ve spent a lot of money and time trying to “fix” these “issues”, and they would never go away!

Turns out, that you can’t fix or heal your genius.

It’s there for a reason.  And it’s perfect just the way it is.

When I learned that I am an introvert (on the Meyer’s Briggs Index), and a “7” on the Enneagram, it made total sense to me why I like to be alone–and why I always feel more energized after a long walk in the woods by myself (or with a quiet hiking companion).  I immediately stopped judging it and started looking at how I need to incorporate alone time daily so I can recharge.

I also got present to the fact that not everyone sees or experiences energy and intuition the way I do, and that that is part of the reason people hire me and why  I get the results that I do with people.  All this information has also allowed me to see why I sometimes have a hard time in groups–and how by applying what I have learned about energy, intuition, sensitivity, and speaking, I’ve been able to find a way to be out there in the world–and still be a card-carrying introvert.

I also saw that my intuition, love of business and marketing and structures along with my almost continual download of ideas and flashes of inspiration are essential to brainstorming and helping others to generate ideas for their businesses.  It’s also how I can “hear” my clients Inner Voice, and help them to do the same. I LOVE that stuff!!

What’s interesting is that I find myself wondering if you’ll think I’m bragging by saying all this.

Haha!  That’s just one of the “little voices” showing up.  She’s thinking “don’t toot your own horn!” and, “Don’t celebrate what’s ‘right’ about you–people only want to know what’s ‘wrong’ about you-it makes them feel OK about themselves!”.  Oh my, makes me want to play small again listening to her…(but I won’t.)

Do you have a little voice like that?

What my Inner Voice (IV) tells me is this:  “God has given you gifts and a unique way of experiencing the world that is necessary and integral to the whole…God does this through everyone, no exceptions.  If you don’t own your genius, how can you help others to own theirs?“

Got it. Thank you for that IV infusion of sanity, grace and a big fat reality check.

I share this with you with deep deep gratitude in my heart and a healthy dose of humility because I see all the ways in which I’ve devalued my gifts and kept them hidden because I couldn’t see how they were special or worthy of sharing. I’ve learned that shame goes both ways–we can feel ashamed of the things we feel bad about in ourselves, and when we do, we often overlook the things we actually need to celebrate and share.

I am choosing to create my business and my life around these gifts instead of doing what everyone else is doing and trying to fit into some mold that doesn’t jive with me.  I’d love to help you do the same.

One of the things I’m offering now is an IV* Infusion VIP Day where we roll up our sleeves and help you get really clear on what your unique genius is, who it is you want to work with, why you do what you do, and most importantly how to speak to your ideal clients and customers, all while staying authentic to your Inner Voice.

This is perfect for therapists, coaches, and other service-based entrepreneurs who want more clarity on how to discover what sets them apart from the crowded marketplace, and how to locate, speak to and attract their ideal clients and customers.

For more information call me at 206-4VOICE8 or email me at

Here’s what others have to say:

I wanted to tell all I know what a productive VIP day I had, Kris you are amazing and gifted with insight, intuition and inspiration as we brainstormed together, shared and put together a tag, business card, and program. I gained clarity and confidence as Kris led me thru the process. AND I was able to accomplish all that I had dreamed of for the day. Thank You Again, 

Rita Duncan RN. Inspired-Brilliance, Mindset CPR for Women


You understand perfectly what I’m trying to move towards!  And as much difficulty as you had putting it into words, you got further with it than I have so far…

You don’t know me, you’ve never seen me work, and yet you just demonstrated more understanding about what I seem driven to do than I’ve ever been able to muster.  And it’s not just my blind spot–I’ve worked with hundreds of people (and animals) this way, and no one has ever said anything about what I do aside from just that they like it.

Wow.  That was amazing, and I think you just blew my mind.  

Thank you.

Jennifer Pearson


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