Right side up morning…turned upside down

Pancake breakfast.  Sometimes in my avoidance to make a mess by cooking and having to clean up, I make a bigger mess… 4 pancakes leftover from last night’s fun breakfast-for-dinner. 3 kids. You know this is going to be ugly, right? I could have just made more. I could have pulled everything out and recreated […]

But who soothes YOU, Mom?

I dedicate this one to the moms who want to run. To the moms who want the romance, the sultry darker side, to live in a romance novel, to the moms who desire nurturing and creativity in the deepest places within.  The drummer, who was incredibly hot, invited me to come with them. So, I […]

Rearrange Your Internal Alphabet

A few months ago I was in Seattle speaking to a group of parents. It was the morning after my talk, and I was acutely aware of how much reassurance we sometimes need as parents that we are not alone, that we are doing the best we can, that we are going to be fine-and […]

10,000 Monks Chanting Om

#‎MessyMomMonday The sound of 10,000 monks chanting OM. Last year I had a dream. In it I witnessed a child riding a bike get hit by a car. As I watched, a woman approached the child and stood over the body, then she knelt and I had the sense she was no ordinary woman, but […]

Context Is Everything

Context.  It’s a word I’ve been rolling around in my mind and experience lately. In fact, I was sharing with my Inner Voice Circle the insight I got recently about how context is developed and why it’s so important to understanding just where you are so you can figure out where to go next! Context helps […]

Mercury Retrograde Rocks!

Mercury Retrograde Rocks! Perhaps you’ve felt “pulled through the eye of the needle” in the last 6 months since the Winter Solstice December 21st, 2013. You are not alone. Perhaps you’ve felt the energy building and shifting in the last 6 months, both personally and globally, but didn’t have words for it.  We are in […]

Creating Crises Consciously

I had a reader email me a question about an Inner Voice Bomb: Hello Diane, Have you hit bottom yet? Maybe it’s time for a consciously created crisis (instead of the deluge of drama you may find yourself in). That’s where the breakthroughs are… Love, Your Inner Voice Diane emailed me as soon as she […]

13 Tips For Thru-Hiking Your Business

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and Appalachian Trail (AT) are getting more well-known with the number of people hiking them and writing books about their experience. I have to say, I find it annoying. For a couple reasons: My boyfriend, Mike, and I hiked the PCT in 2001, we spent 4 months thru-hiking it from […]

Middle Management Yahoos

Today’s post is just for fun.  An audience member shared this link with me after a talk I gave the other day on mindset and being a “middle manager.”  (You can find out more about that by getting my Breaking Free From The Middle Kit to the right of your screen 🙂 Remember Almost Live, […]

Creating A “Blizzard of AAH’s” in Your Business

You don’t know if you can until you are doing it.  There is no other way.  Create a crisis: a need or a problem that in the solving of it will call all of your skills, genius, and yes, even your courage and cojones to solve it…or die trying. ~KMP   My husband, Mike, was […]