What is the value of your business?

💰 As part of the dissolution of my marriage, we have to list the value of our assets, this includes my business. I met with a woman who helps people sell their businesses to figure out the market value of my business. (In case you’re thinking about this, I can definitely recommend her!) When we […]

White Shadows

In the Human Design Bodygraph, the white areas of our chart are our where we will experience our deepest conditioning forces. They are our shadows and distractions. These shadows and conditioning forces are so deep we often cannot see them, until we know what to look for. I’ve been thinking about white privilege (specifically mine) […]

Podcast E9: Helping People Pleasers

I speak with Amy Turner, a Rapid Transformational Therapist. We talk about helping people pleasers and over-deliverers, even if we are one ourselves…

I know why you’re afraid to be seen.

I know why you are afraid to be seen. It’s not about you, but it has everything to do with you… 6th grade: I sat on a bench inside the main doors of my middle school, sick to my stomach. Something I had eaten, or maybe it was period cramps – either way the nurse […]