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Can We Love Unconditionally?

Truth: I LOVE my kiddos, and of course I love them unconditionally, but, and this is hard to say… sometimes I SHOW IT CONDITIONALLY. It happens to the best of us – until we understand what’s happening and stop the pattern.

It isn’t pretty. I wish I could say I’m one of those totally enlightened parents who is unconditional all the time and loving and never reactive, but I’m not. (And if you meet one of those parents you might want to call the Men In Black because it’s likely they are not human.)

Basically, if you’re a parent, or in a relationship, chances are you are reactive at times too! Yes, I’m talking to you. (Getting real about this is the first step to actually doing something about it…)

In today’s ‘article’ I recorded a brief audio for you to help you understand conditioning and what’s happening when we love “conditionally.”

I guarantee this explanation is like nothing you’ve heard before.

It’s time to cut yourself, and others, some slack and learn how to throw off conditioning (which is where those little voices really take hold). You’ll be able to love yourself unconditionally and stop seeking it from others who are living from a conditioned state…

This is the kind of information that deeply transforms your mindset and your ability to manage your emotions and keep moving forward even when it seems like every last ounce of faith you have is gone.

This is the kind of information that transforms not only your personal life, but your business too.

You are valuable.
You are worthy.
You have nothing to prove and no conditions to meet to feel this truth.

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From My Heart to Yours,


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