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Mindset: what if it isn’t all about beliefs?

I’ve had a lot of conversations with clients over the past couple weeks where they brought up the issue of their limiting beliefs and fears that keep coming up (even after they thought they *dealt* with them in the past).

Sound familiar to you as well?

I know it does to me, and believe me – I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to “fix” my dysfunctional beliefs, and some of them shifted (for sure) but some didn’t, or wouldn’t, or couldn’t shift…and I felt even worse than before.

But the more I study Human Design and I see how the design functions as a whole and how beliefs literally get created I have come to realize that…

…it is a function of your design, not a dysfunction of YOU.

What do I mean by that?

There is a natural flow of energy in your design. Each function (center) in your design has a gift or genius that expressed in the right scenario and with the right people is in alignment with your natural energetic signature and everyone/thing around you. You are a contribution and feel in the proverbial “flow”.

Each function in your design also has an inherent challenge: a shadow that is so compelling and receptive to the energy of others that you “forget” who you are and do/say/act in ways that pull you off course. We often label these beliefs, and work on treating them as such with all kinds of cool techniques.

Sometimes these techniques seem to work really well and we have a “breakthrough”, but then we are faced with the similar scenario again and we fall back into a familiar dysfunctional pattern and 1) not only beat ourselves up for getting there again, but also 2) beat ourselves up for not “clearing” the pattern in the first place.

You can’t fix what ain’t broke.

You see, the pattern that keeps coming up isn’t always some story or belief you created about certain people or certain situations (and even when it IS I’ll still argue the following):

It is a function of your unique design and you can’t “fix” it.

Just in case you’re thinking, “Great, that SUCKS. You mean I’m doomed?!”

Quite the contrary. You are LIBERATED (or can be…)

It’s all about AWARENESS & CHOICE.

When you understand your design and how the functions (centers), strengths (channels), and traits (gates) flow and work in harmony in your unique pattern, you start to see the pattern “trigger” points and then you can ask yourself clarifying questions and CHOOSE to engage in a new way.

It’s not about getting rid of the patterns, I honestly don’t think that’s possible. That’s like trying to change your eye color permanently. It’s about recognizing when the pattern arises and using your awareness and clarifying questions to CHOOSE differently without judging yourself for being in this place again, or making up some deep meaning about why this or that is happening to you AGAIN (must be some soul lesson; or I attracted it; or I deserve it…) Those are just beliefs by the way.

We are consciousness. We are energy. And we live in an energetic vehicle that is more dense than our consciousness. This energetic vehicle, or design, has it’s own patterns and expression. Our job is to work in alignment WITH it, not in spite of it.

It’s the “in spite of it” that cause us problems and creates limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it, or I’m uniquely flawed.”

We logically know those statements and beliefs are BS, but they are SO compelling.


Because you’re trying to drive your vehicle (that you never got operating instructions for) and you’ve been judging the crap outta your driving all your life.

Please stop.

Billions of dollars are spent every year trying to “fix”, “shift” and “eliminate” beliefs. I’m down with that. I’ve even written my own book about it. We’ve seen huge leaps in consciousness as a result.

But I think we’ve also created an industry that generates more negative or limiting beliefs because we didn’t have the full picture of the mechanics of how how beliefs get created – and why they keep coming back. Some people have jumped on the “belief bandwagon” and sold others techniques and insights and coaching that is limiting vs. liberating.

Consider this: if you have a pattern or belief that just doesn’t seem to clear or shift I’ll guarantee you it’s a function of your design – and while you may have awesome tools like I do to shift beliefs and patterns, they won’t work unless you’re right on the root cause.

And what’s even crazier? Most of the people I work with have been trying to “fix” the very thing that will make them happier, more productive, and profitable and they didn’t even know it – all because someone told them it was a limiting belief…

It’s time we look at beliefs in a new way, especially since they seem to be holding so many people back – needlessly.

From My Heart & Soul to Yours,



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