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Because You Said “Yes”

The other day I was thinking about leadership, influence, and power and wondering to myself why so many people feel as though they are powerless, or don’t see how they make a difference in the world and the lives of others. Oh, you may be thinking to yourself “I know I make a difference.” But I ask you this:

Are you really present to the difference you make?


Do you see how your saying yes to an opportunity or
experience changed not only your life,
but other’s lives as well?

Most importantly…

Do you feel gratitude for yourself and your choices?

When we compare ourselves to others we tend to either discount our contribution: “I don’t want to toot my own horn” or the flip-side: “they are so fabulous, I could never do what they do.” Either way you are not seeing your true value and how connected and integral to the whole you really are. You are a powerful being. The world needs you and the energy you bring to life.

Everyone is responsible for saying “yes” on their own behalf, and the results of that decision are also theirs. That said, if you take a moment and think about the people who have been directly influenced by your saying yes to a positive or neutral opportunity or experience, (let go of the ones that didn’t turn out so well – it’s likely you’ve already beaten yourself up about that for long enough!) you may begin to see how you are an integral part of the whole both in, and of, the divine flow.

Here’s an example: When I first started my business years ago, I belonged to Rotary. I said yes to being a part of that group as a way to make connections and be of service. During a stay with my in-laws in another town I went to a local Rotary meeting several times. My father-in-law asked me a few questions about the organization, and decided he wanted to check it out. He went with me to a couple meetings and when my husband and I returned home, my father-in-law kept going. He eventually became the president of that chapter, and has traveled to other countries to help build homes as part of Habitat for Humanity and the Rotary organization. Now, all those results and cool things he has done and continues to do are his because he said “yes.” And…because I had said yes prior to that and shared my experience with him, it opened doorways for his yes.

When you see this from your Inner Voice perspective it is really humbling. It’s not about the ego (aka little voices) and thinking “they did that because of me and I get all the credit.” It’s much softer and expansive than that. It’s about seeing the connections and the inherent worthiness of ourself and others, and how when we say “yes”, when we are receptive to the opportunities that life brings, we become part of the divine thread, like a lifeline, that links us all together. (Of course we are always spiritually linked together, but who we are linked with and the energy and vibration of who and what we consciously link up with in our physical life changes.)

I invite you to take a few moments today and think about the people in your life, they could be family, clients, customers, friends, even strangers, and follow the threads that lead back to your saying “yes” to someone or something on your own behalf that led to these people saying “yes” and getting positive results in their life because of you and your influence.

Next, think about ways you could say yes for yourself in the next month that will change the course of 2014 for yourself and your business (and for the lives of others in ways you can’t even imagine).

From My Heart to Yours,

P.S. Perhaps you’re wondering “What do I say yes to, ‘cause I didn’t get the results I wanted this last year?” I spent many years saying yes and second-guessing myself (which energetically becomes either a “no” or mass confusion) until I learned how to make decisions that are in alignment with my life’s purpose. Now I have clarity that is priceless. You can have that too. Check out the Inner Authority Alignment session. You’ll learn how to make your yes a resounding “yes!”, and your no, a clear knowing…



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