Your Energy Speaks Louder Than Words: What Are You REALLY Saying?

When your words and your body language match, it makes sense to us. We believe you. But what about when your words and your movement match, but energetically it still feels off? The name of the game is congruence. And it goes below the gross expression of words and movement: it’s all about energy. We […]

Master Manipulators and the “L” word: How to get out of their web

The “L” word that’s used by manipulative people: Why it’s so important to them, how they trap you – and how to free yourself from their web. While “love” is a strong word and is used quite frequently by manipulative people who don’t REALLY mean it, but who use it effusively and indiscriminately, there is […]

Mindset: what if it isn’t all about beliefs?

I’ve had a lot of conversations with clients over the past couple weeks where they brought up the issue of their limiting beliefs and fears that keep coming up (even after they thought they *dealt* with them in the past). Sound familiar to you as well? I know it does to me, and believe me […]

You don’t lack Emotional Intelligence – you lack awareness of how you’re EQ works!

I just read Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article “Eleven Signs That You Lack Emotional Intelligence” and I have a few issues with this article…starting with the title. It’s NOT that you LACK Emotional Intelligence, you just don’t know how to USE your Emotional Intelligence. First of all, I don’t believe people “lack” emotional intelligence (EQ). I […]

Time Management is so passe. You want success? Practice this instead.

I recently spoke with an organization that has booked out an entire year of speakers focusing on time management. I had two thoughts: One, people are still struggling with time management in a huge way. Why book a year of seminars on it in one city if folks weren’t asking for help? And two: what […]

Are You An Empath?

What Kind of Empath Are You? How does being an empath affect your work & relationships? When I was first learning about Highly Sensitive People and Empaths I loved taking the quizzes and finding out how many characteristics of empaths & HSP’s I possessed. But I gotta tell you, I didn’t necessarily find that information practical. […]

Is Your Idea Worth Sharing?

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”] How To Get On the TEDx Stage   What you need to know before you apply (and after you get accepted!) Listen to this post HERE. My 2015 TEDx talk is easily the worst talk I’ve ever given. It’s true. Not because I forgot my […]

Your Design In Action

Hey there! I’ve had so many discussions with folks lately about their Human Design and how they compare themselves to others – usually wishing they could get things done the way other people do. It’s amazing how much judgement we can have about ourselves and how we operate. I recorded a video for you about […]

How does Your Human Design Influence Your Marketing?

Your Human Design influences EVERY aspect of your life. Why? Because it is literally your energetic blueprint, which in my world translates into how you communicate both internally (in your own mind, body, emotions, and spirit) and externally (with the world around you). I can’t tell you how many times I have sat with someone […]

Mastering Illusion

Hey Soul Traveler! Ever feel like you aren’t sure you can trust your intuition when it comes to yourself as easily as you can trust it and be in the flow with your clients, friends, and colleagues? If so, I have an awesome *FREE* guided journey for you to help you navigate the twists and turns […]