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A creative, right-brained way to see Human Design that will liberate you and your clients

The Art of the Chart: Introducing a whole new way of looking at Human Design

Are you are right-brained creative entrepreneur who wants to learn how to read a Human Design chart?


Are you a coach who has a body of work or system that Human Design can ‘potentize’ and be an adjunct to?

Do you currently use HD and/or the Gene Keys who would like to see how to synthesize this information in new ways?

Are you a marketing/branding expert who would like to understand your clients better?

Are you a writer, artist, and or creative entrepreneur who wants to understand yourself and your own creative, business expression?


Whether you’re pretty new to Human Design or have been studying for awhile, I promise you’ll see how the elements of design go together in a totally different way…


For those of you who are ready to join us...

The Elements & Principles of Design

Human Design is a complex and dynamic system that has the potential to unlock your own genius and that of your clients.

The way it’s typically taught is very left-brained.

Until now.

Using the metaphor of the elements & principles of visual design in art, we’ll break down the key elements of the Human Design chart so you can learn to see the whole picture – and tell a cohesive story – whether you’re looking at your own chart or someone else’s.


Using the metaphor of the elements & principles of visual design in art, we’ll break down the key elements of the Human Design chart so you can learn to see the whole picture – and tell a cohesive story – whether you’re looking at your own chart or someone else’s.

I see the power of Human Design to truly liberate people

…but when information is shared out of context or from the dualistic POV (which is how design is taught simply because of the nature of it being a science) people seem to be even MORE confused or in judgement of themselves and their design than they were before they knew anything about it!

Nobody likes to be put in a box, but frankly I see well-meaning people who are super excited to share design with others, share it in a way that actually limits vs. liberates.

(Not intentionally of course, it’s just how they learned it.)

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Before you can be creative with your delivery, you need to understand the basic elements that make up a Human Design chart.

This experiential course helps you understand and see the elements & principles that bridge the theory of design into practical application.

The ELEMENTS of Visual Art are the Foundation of Composition

The design chart is also a composition. In fact, it is a MASTERPIECE.

Each and every chart is already whole & complete, and perfect just as it is.

Challenges & misalignment with this beauty arise when a person can only see certain parts of the chart, or simply don’t understand what they are seeing.


We will build a powerful framework and metaphor for seeing the HD chart 'composition' in a fresh & more cohesive way.

The PRINCIPLES of Visual Art Create the Composition

You’ll look at your own chart and using the principles of visual art, you will see the story of energy & movement emerge.


You’ll see your own chart 💫  and yourself 💫 in a new light.

And begin to discover the depth and richness of your own “artist’s eye” and what makes you unique in your own creative expression when it comes to using using HD as a tool for yourself and others.

My students and clients have this to say...

Art is experiential. So is Human Design.

We will bring together the elements & principles of design as we look at lots of different compositions (HD charts).


Some of the most colorful learning (and expression) happens when you know the ‘rules’ enough to break them.


You are not just passively looking at another’s design, you are interacting with them at a deep level while in aura – even when working remotely.


We’ll cover how to increase your awareness of this dynamic and how to maximize the ‘light’ and minimize the ‘shadows’ while working with your clients.

Think Of This As Art School

…and you’re learning to appreciate all kinds of art and all the elements and skill it takes to hone your craft as a reader of charts and painter of possibility in your life and the lives of your clients!

KP SIW Come see

The Art of the Chart Studio includes:

Creative Chart Reading Template to organize your sessions

“Sketchbook” recordings that describe the basic elements of the chart, why they are important and how to see them in 3D on the chart

Live studio sessions where you learn to apply the elements & principles to your own chart & other’s charts

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  • Have a profound grasp of the elements of HD and the energy & spirit moving within the design
  • Learn to speak the language of your clients
  • See your own design with fresh eyes, and trust the gifts you bring
  • Be able to deliver a simple, yet profound reading of the chart for others
  • Integrate this into your own body of work in your own unique way
  • Have discernment around HD & GK’s and how to see beyond the duality when learning more

This a self-study program with live support calls 2x/month

We meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 10am-11am PST
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Join us in the studio!

Payment plans available 

You have lifetime access to the content and support calls (for as long as I’m around and available to answer your questions live!)

Got Questions?

I’ve got answers.

Listen to this brief recording to see if I answered your questions… If not, schedule a time to chat with me here:

I am a visual storyteller...

My Human Design students, clients, friends, and colleagues know that I paint pictures with words and create on-the-spot metaphors that help take complex theories and concepts and turn them into simple, understandable pictures anyone can understand.

The Art of the Chart series is inspired by my love of art, storytelling, & the practical application of Human Design.

It’s my desire to help people who have been trying to put the theoretical science pieces of Human Design together for themselves and others and who have struggled to know how to share this information with others in a way that feels natural, effective, understandable, and fun.

Join us and learn how to paint a picture of possibility for yourself and others through the art & science of Human Design!

Still On The Fence?

You read this far, so SOMETHING is calling you – it might be your intuition or it could be fear of missing out. 😉

Let’s find out, shall we?

This is NOT a high pressured sales pitch. This is a chance for you and I to connect and dig a little deeper into your questions to help you make the decision that is best for you based on YOUR DESIGN & intentions.

I will coach you to make a decision that you can trust, that’s aligned for you, and that you feel awesome about! 

Hey Creative Entrepreneur – I’m so glad we found each other! I’m a 5/1 Generator, certified in Human Design for Business and also trained to teach the basics of design and making money by design and I created this program to be what I wish I had understood while learning about Design for nearly a decade! 

This program is a synthesis of my training and teaching Human Design for business; my 25+ years of clinical training and experience as an art & energy therapist, my years as a speaker & performance coach, healer & medium, and abstract artist.

Psychically, I see energy and both the blocks that limit expression and the openings that expand expression – my specialty is seeing it through the lens of Human Design & Gene Keys all the way through to the soul’s essential expression.

I created this program in response to my clients who wanted to learn how to see their design more clearly and to use it to expand their own work and see their clients in a fresh new way through HD. I hope you’ll join us in the ‘studio’ and learn more about what makes you unique and how to see your clients and loved ones in a whole new way too!


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