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Are You Broken Yet?

I was listening to Air1 radio station the other day. I love most of the songs and the fact that the music is sometimes hard rock or rap but has a positive message.

The DJ was talking about being “broken”. He was talking about how people often think of themselves as broken, as less than, or eff’d up (my words-they don’t cuss on this particular station!)

Now, I’m all for humility, but sometimes I think we approach God from such a “I’m broken and unworthy” place that it’s even harder to hear and receive the love and guidance being showered on us all the time. I started to tune out the DJ because I thought he was going down this path, but then he brought up another way of thinking about broken. It’s a way that I hadn’t considered before when thinking of people: the way a horse is broken in order to be ridden. The way the ego is broken, and surrendered so that transformation can finally occur.

When you become “broken” you are able to receive God.

When your little voices break down, you can hear your Inner Voice.

Being broken allows you see through the eyes of spirit. Being broken allows you to see how powerful you truly are.

When you finally reach a state of broken, then you naturally surrender the “it’s not happening fast enough” or “what’s wrong with me?” viewpoints. You are primed for a quantum leap.

Quantum Leaps happen when you are broken, not fixed.

So much of what we are “sold”, whether its a product or a service or just someone’s opinion-just perpetuates the feeling of needing to be “fixed”. This is approaching life from, and buying into, that unworthy “broken” mindset.

It’s approaching life from, and with, a broken heart. It’s hiding from others, and even oneself and God, from behind the wall around one’s broken heart.

What is “fixed” anyway? One could say it’s the state of working order, or opposite of broken. But one could also say it’s a state of immovability, of staying put. When you see yourself as unworthy or broken, that something is “wrong” with you, you often become “fixed” in that stance. The walls go up to protect and shield your already vulnerable heart, and it is incredibly hard to break free. Instead of quantum leaps, you take baby steps and experience lots of struggle, bruised knees, and broken dreams.

Trust me. I know.

Being broken opens you up to receive.


These are the Sisters (South, Middle, and a wee bit of North in the background), and Broken Top Mountain in the Cascade range to the west of Bend, OR.

What do you notice about Broken Top?

Do you see how interesting it is with it’s jagged peaks?

Do you see the “bowl” created by the crater where the mountain blew its top?

What a beautiful reminder of how much more capacity we have to receive when we allow ourselves to “break open” and create a receptacle within us.

Last week I wrote about quantum leaps. In that article I shared that they really only seem to happen overnight, oftentimes it’s weeks, months or years in the making, and then suddenly a person has an experience that blows their mind (literally and figuratively) and they “leap” to a new reality and way of seeing and experiencing the world.

I said that the key to actually experiencing those quantum leaps that people so desperately seek is to Surrender.

Surrender means to lay down your arms. To stop resisting or fighting.

There’s nothing to “do” in surrender.

That’s why it’s so challenging for most of us.

Surrender can mean give up, but what you are truly giving up are the fears and false expectations of your ego. The need to be right, safe, look good, have it go your way.

Even in an argument, the person who surrenders has the most power. It takes two to fight. If one is unwilling, or unable to do so-it leaves the other party with nothing to fight against (except perhaps themselves).

The best games are where each team goes for it until the very end, right? And yet, when the energy is not there for one or both teams, it’s not there. Those games are painful and hard to watch.

Most times we yell at those teams from the sidelines: “Keep going! Get with it!” Sometimes we yell at ourselves with the same ferocity, it just sounds more like “what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get with it?!”

We try to use willpower alone to be the thing that carries the game or team – or ourselves. And, unfortunately this works…but only sometimes, and not in the long-run. I would say that what brings the team together, and what has us really propel forward, is the willingness to surrender expectations, and the need to play for anyone else other than God.

It’s the moment when a person, or a leading team member, says “Hey, this isn’t working. I’m willing to see what else is possible, and I’m willing to surrender my ego to get the job done.”

When willingness, versus willfulness is present, what is possible suddenly becomes probable, and everything opens up.

Magic happens.

Mountains blow their tops, people blow up beliefs, walls around the heart blow open and the landscape is forever changed. Not fixed.

So, are you broken yet? Are you willing to be?

Your breakthrough is not in being fixed – it’s in being broken,
so stop trying to hold it all together.

From My Heart to Yours,

P.S. Are you ready to see that you are perfectly designed to live your purpose? Are you ready to surrender the need to be fixed, and break down the walls around your heart? Whether you’re leading your life, or leading a team, it’s time to be led by your Inner Voice. Learn how in an Inner Authority Alignment Session



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