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Are You A Flow-er?


Are you in the flow or have you cut yourself off?  

If you have seen me speak recently, you would have heard me share about the power of being grounded and having your energy flowing in a way that attracts exactly who and what you need in your life and business.  I spoke of it in the context of both sharing your V.O.I.C.E* and as an introduction to how our energy literally attracts, or repels, what and who we desire–and how to repel less and attract more!

We are like big magnets.  We have a polarity, just like a magnet does.  The earth is also a huge electromagnet, it has a polarity as well.  It, too, has north and south poles, and has an awesome gravitational pull which keeps us from floating off into space.

What I have noticed in my own life, and in my office when I’m working with my clients, is that when our polarity is on, we feel calmer inside.  We also have more energy, think more clearly, and our energy is flowing in a coherent manner.  This also happens when we are grounded.  Like an electrical current that needs to be grounded in order to flow properly, we also need to be grounded and have our polarity ‘on’ so we can be in the flow and focus our energy in the direction of where we want to go and what we want to draw to us.

When our polarity is off and when we are not grounded, we don’t think as clearly and we tend to default to what I call our ‘lowest vibrational habits’ and it’s much harder to act and speak in a way that we desire–we easily slip back into old patterns and feelings.  When we aren’t grounded we can feel spacey–it feels like we are floating off into space, and we’ll often try to latch onto anyone or anything that will help us feel grounded again–instead of going to Source energy.  By the way, when we try to get grounded through other people instead of grounding directly ourselves to Source energy, they can feel it–and often run the other way leaving you confused as to why it didn’t work out, and them feeling like they were hooked in or slimed…

When we are plugged into the earth, when we are grounded, then we naturally draw to us what we need and desire in our lives.  We have the clarity to choose what is beneficial to us and to remain in alignment with our Vision and how we want to act, speak, feel, think, etc.

Think of it like flower which needs to be grounded in order to bloom.  As the flower’s roots draw in nutrients from the soil and it receives sunlight and rain from above  it grows without judgment or comparison of itself or to any other flower –it is in what I call a “Divine Flow”.   As it blooms, it expresses its voice, through color and scent.  It uses its ‘voice’ to attract what it needs in order to express itself fully, in order to share its message (its pollen) with the world.  The flower attracts its ideal customers, bees and butterflies, through its unique scent and color.  These ideal clients and customers help spread its message (pollen) in the world thereby fulfilling the flower’s purpose, its reason for being or ‘raison d’être’.  Furthermore,  it needs to be alive and grounded to do this. Cut it off at the stem to put it into a container and its energy immediately begins to fade.

It is the same with us.

The difference between us and flowers though, is that we have free will.  We have choice and we can choose to re-plant ourselves or re-ground whenever we want or need to.

When our energy is flowing and coherent, then we are in the flow–we can think more clearly, have more focus, ease, and are typically in alignment with what we want and desire–we become magnetic to it and draw it in.  When our energy is ‘off’ or weak, or ‘scrambled’ then we repel what we desire and we end up struggling, often needlessly.

What I love about working with energy is that there is very little ‘processing’ needed–in fact all that is necessary is an awareness of feeling ‘off’ and a willingness to do what it takes to get back ‘on’ or plug yourself back in.  There’s no judgement about whether or not your grounded, or if your polarity is ‘on’–many things in our lives can affect these things and your polarity gets flipped throughout the day.  It is just ‘on’ or it isn’t.

Things that affect our subtle energy systems include, but are not limited to: Foods, (including allergies and food sensitivities), lack of sleep, chemicals, (in foods, personal products, and cleaning supplies), environmental stressors (like noise–with 2 kids I say I’m under environmental stress whenever they start bickering or whining!), and, probably most importantly, our thoughts and emotions.

You may be thinking–everything affects our polarity!  I have no control over it!  You are partially correct.  Everything does affect us–everything is energy after all and intertwined intimately.

However, we can choose what we put in and on our bodies, who we spend time with, what we spend time doing, and we can choose to think more positively and therefor feel more positive feelings which have a huge impact on our body’s ability to re-ground quickly and get our polarity back on without much effort.  Think of it like training to a new vibration-one that is higher than the ‘lowest vibrational habits’ groove you’ve been falling into.

The key is not to judge and to course-correct as needed.

Two quick ways to course correct and affect your polarity directly are with the following exercises.  I recommend doing them first before you address thoughts and feelings because working with energy affects your thoughts and feelings and it can be so much faster than trying to figure out why you feel the way you do and what to do about it (you still want to do that, just “clear the palette” so to speak first, then you’ll be able to hone in on what’s really going on without all the static and white noise of having your energy be scrambled.)

To do both should take less than 1-minute and you can do them anywhere, anytime. 

First:  Tap lightly on what I call the re-set buttons.  Here’s how to find them:

Reset Buttons:  Helps reset polarity, primes system for other energy work.  Tap K-27 points just under the collarbone, below the inner end points of the collarbones where a man knots his tie. These points are about ½ inch below the collarbone and 1 inch out towards the shoulder.  It is a small indentation and may be tender to the touch. If you tap with 3-4 fingers of each hand on each of the points under the collarbone toward the center of your chest, you’ll likely hit the right spot.

Tap with a firm, but not hard or aggressive touch, about 15 times.  Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth as you tap.

Second:  My dear friend reminded me of the simplicity and power of this next tool and that she does this in the elevator at work, so literally you can do this anywhere!

Remember the saying, if you ever happen to catch on fire?  Stop drop and roll?  Well, I’ve taken the liberty of changing it a bit to “stop, ground, and surround.”

It takes only a few moments, and if you’d like to spend more time playing with visualization please do, but know it isn’t necessary.  What’s needed is your intention to stop what you’re doing, ground, surround yourself with Divine white light and a bubble of protection, and then move on into your activities. 

1)Stop what you’re doing.

2) Ground: Sitting, or standing, feet flat on the floor, imagine you have cords (or roots) of energy coming out of the soles of your feet and going down into the center of the earth.  Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth gently and send those cords deep into the earth.  Feel that connection.

3) Surround: Picture a large bubble around you that surrounds you about 3 feet off the body in all directions of beautiful white (or any color you choose) light.  Feel how soothing it is to be surrounded by this light, how safe it feels.  Now you may not feel or sense a thing, and that’s OK—not to worry, it still works and over time as you awaken more and more to the energy around you and in you, you will begin to perceive the vibrations of things and people in a powerful way that is uniquely yours.

Note:  Make sure you are hydrated!  Water is a conduit for electricity and we are mostly water.  All the electrical impulses our body and brain perform need plenty of water to flow and work at the highest level.

Play with these.  Teach them to your kids or spouse or co-workers, even your clients.  Let me know what you notice and enter your comments below–I’d love to hear how you made this your own!

Finally, choose to be in flow, to be a flow-er and plug into Source energy so you can bloom and attract what you most need and desire in order to fulfill your purpose and get your message out into the world.  Your ideal bees and butterflies are waiting…..

From My Heart To Yours,


*V.O.I.C.E. is the blueprint for how I help my clients gain clarity about who they are, what they came here to do, what is their message, and how to fully own and share it confidently and clearly.





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