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LEVELS 2 & 3

Go BEYOND your fundamental knowledge of design and learn the ART & SCIENCE so that you can offer the BEST PRACTICES of Human Design coaching.

You have a working grasp of the basic elements of Human Design and being able to read a chart.

You can understand/explain (even if you have to look at your notes!):

  • Conscious & Unconscious aspects of design
  • Definition (different kinds and how they influence our processing style)
  • Type, Strategy, & Authority
  • Defined/Undefined Centers (how they operate)
  • Layers of circuitry – what they mean and how they operate
  • Line qualities (general essence of the 6 lines)
  • Gates & Channels (key notes of both)
  • Basic Elements to include in a reading and how basic elements listed above go together and overlap

If you’re not sure if your studies so-far qualify you for Levels 2&3, let’s talk briefly and see:

level 2: the art of profile is for…

Therapists, coaches, HD analysts, and practitioners who would like to add to their tool box and dive deeper into the art & science of profile and the role gates + their energies which determine how we:

  • Interface with the world
  • Perceive the world
  • Others perceive us
  • Market and promote our businesses
  • Choose the ideal business model for ourselves
  • Bond with others – in business and in intimate relationships
  • Create & express ourselves most naturally
  • Emotionally connect with others
  • Care and nurture ourselves and others
  • Instinctually resonate with certain values & experiences
  • Fulfill our purpose in this lifetime
As you can imagine, understanding how each of these aspects layer together to create what we call your Profile, can be extremely clarifying and even healing – especially when it comes to seeing ourselves and others with less judgement and comparison!
  • It allows us to let go of things that do not resonate (certain business models or relationship dynamics for instance) that can drain our energy and finances.
  • It can help us understand why we feel the way we do, and experience the world the way we do – and how/why others perceive us the way they do!
Not only will we explore the science and mechanics of each of the role gates in depth, you’ll learn the art of understanding and integrating these energetic binaries and being able to apply them to your own design and the designs of others in a way that empowers you and your clients and loved ones!

We will also be using the creative right-brained approach that underlies all my coaching practices by adding in  experiential and simple creative exercises to help you fully embody and template the highest frequency of your profile which will naturally bring more ease, joy and prosperity into your life because you will be wearing the ‘costume’ you were born & designed to wear in a way that fits like a glove.


Most trainings and information on the 12 Profiles stop at the level of line qualities and don’t really dive deep into HOW the profile is created and the 8 “role gates” that make up the profile. Here we will unpack each of the role gates and help you deeply understand how they play out in your own life and the lives of others so you can master profile which is a HUGE part of our design and how we love, work, and live our purpose in this lifetime!

Our Level 2 program runs for 10 weeks with weekly live coaching support.

Art Of The Chart – Level 2: The Art of Profile
10 weeks

We will offer LIVE SUPPORT on the following dates at 10am-12pm PST
July 13, 20, 27 (break Aug 3rd)
Aug 10, 17, 24, 31
Sept. 7, 14, 21

Regular Price: $1800,  
Early Bird before July 1st: $1500,

OR as Part of an AoTC bundle after Early bird: $1650 

level 3: the art of partnership is for...


Therapists, coaches, HD analysts, and practitioners who would like to add partnership assessment & integration to their toolbox, through the lens of Human Design. 
The information here builds on what you’ve learned in Level 1 & 2.
This program is inspired by my work with both business partners & couples, even parents-kids in my therapeutically-informed coaching practice. 
Doing individual readings can be rather straightforward, but there are a lot of things to consider when you approach working with partnerships & couples. 
I’ve helped several business partners consciously co-create new companies together AND I’ve helped business partners consciously un-couple their professional creations while maintaining dignity, respect, and compassion for themselves and their partner. 
I’ve supported couples in communicating better, and eliminating years-long patterns that traditional psychotherapy could not seem to break through. 
I’ve supported couples in consciously uncoupling and/or redefining their relationship even after years of ’stuck’ patterning. Either way, they see themselves, their partner and the relationship through fresh eyes, and either move forward together or apart, but with deep healing and respect.
I’ve helped parents understand their children better, and kids see themselves in a more empowering light in the context of their friends and family members. 
Even my experience as an energy therapy practitioner & doing ’traditional’ couple’s counseling in the past does not compare to what is possible when you use Human Design as a tool in partnership work!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your own biases and limitations in partnership sessions (even a simple one-off ‘reading’ can activate your own shit, and if you are not clinically trained as a therapist, you’ll want to know how to work with this so you can deliver the cleanest and most non-biased sessions possible and stay present no matter who/what shows up in the room!
  • Structure session(s) depending on length of contract or package
  • Know what to share and when during your session(s)
  • Listen for ‘keynote’ patterns and show your clients the patterns in a way they can understand and not take it personally (this last part is KEY!)
  • Set up a pre-assessment and follow-up
  • Determine when you are ethically out of your scope of practice and when to refer
  • How to navigate challenging & conflictual discussions that come up between your clients during a session (because they can and do happen!) and how to re-direct them back to the mechanics and diffuse tension
  • Read a composite (partnership) chart and what to look for when working with more than one person
  • …and much more!

Our Level 3 program runs for 8 weeks with weekly live coaching support.

Art Of The Chart – Level 3: The Art of Partnership
8 weeks
We will offer LIVE SUPPORT on the following dates at 10am-12pm PST
Oct 5, 12, 19, 26
Nov 2, 9, 16, 30 (break Nov 23rd)
Regular Price: $1800,  

Early Bird before July 1st: $1500

OR as Part of an AoTC bundle after Early bird: $1650 

OR ...

Join us in the studio!

Our students and clients have this to say...

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Before you can be creative with your delivery, you need to understand the basic elements that make up a Human Design chart.

This experiential course helps you understand and see the elements & principles that bridge the theory of design into practical application.

Is it time to LEVEL UP your HUMAN DESIGN knowledge & practice?

The AoTC:
Level 2

  • Level 2 LIVE Coaching Course

Current co-hort is closed, we will offer again in fall 2022 


The AoTC:
Level 3

  • Level 3 LIVE Coaching Course – Starts Oct 5th, 2022

(Full price $1800)

(before Sept 15th): $1500

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  • Have a profound grasp of the elements of HD and the energy & spirit moving within the design
  • Learn to speak the language of your clients
  • See your own design with fresh eyes, and trust the gifts you bring
  • Be able to deliver a simple, yet profound reading of the chart for others
  • Integrate this into your own body of work in your own unique way
  • Have discernment around HD & GK’s and how to see beyond the duality when learning more

Are you ready to go beyond your fundamental knowledge of design and learn the art & science AND best practices of Human Design coaching & consulting from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and two instructors with more than 14 years of Human Design experience between them?

Meet your instructors & guides...

Hey Creative Entrepreneur – I’m so glad you found your way here! I’m Kris, a 5/1 Generator, certified in Human Design for Business and also trained to teach the basics of design and making money by design and I created this program to be what I wish I had understood while learning about Design for over a decade! 

This program is a synthesis of my training and teaching Human Design for business; my 25+ years of clinical training and experience as an art & energy therapist, my years as a speaker & performance coach, healer & medium, and abstract artist.

Psychically, I see energy and both the blocks that limit expression and the openings that expand expression – my specialty is seeing it through the lens of Human Design & Gene Keys all the way through to the soul’s essential expression.

Our students tell us one of the biggest reasons they choose to study HD with us is because we go beyond mechanics into the practical application of how to really support people in loving ALL aspects of their design and to see (and love) all parts of themselves and others in a holistic way. (It’s the 5/1 profile, baby!)


Meet my amazing co-creator, co-teacher, and soul-sister: Melissa Muri, M.ED. She’s a 5/1 Projector and has TONS of Human Design training under her belt as well – some things I don’t even have, like PHS and Variable. 

We’ve been teaching together for nearly 3 years and have so much fun doing it! Together, we make a well-rounded team of Heretical Investigators and natural teachers/guides. With two Master’s degrees and over 14 years of Human Design study between the two of us, you are in great hands 🤲



Transform your life & business today

Through understanding Human Design – yours and your client’s & loved ones!

Still On The Fence?

You read this far, so SOMETHING is calling you – it might be your intuition or it could be fear of missing out. 😉

Let’s find out, shall we?

This is NOT a high pressured sales pitch. This is a chance for you and I to connect and dig a little deeper into your questions to help you make the decision that is best for you based on YOUR DESIGN & intentions.

I will coach you to make a decision that you can trust, that’s aligned for you, and that you feel awesome about! 

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