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2012: Your Year to Choose

Energetically speaking we are in for a wild ride this year.  In case you’ve been hibernating since late 2011, your ticket has already been collected and you are on the tracks—like it or not!  The question is:  Are you strapped in and ready?

We are in a time of great transition, my friends, and while talking with a client yesterday about this very topic I had what I call a “Divine download.”  I’d like to share it with you here along with a couple tips on how to ease the gut-dropping dips and wows as we evolve both individually and collectively as a human race.

You must choose to decide OR decide to choose.  Either way, the very thing that separates us from all other life forms on this planet, our ability to choose, is our point of power and will either move us forward, or hold us back…depending on what we choose!

From what I’ve learned from others in the know (and intuited myself), it’s not the end of the world in 2012.  However, it is “the end of the world as we’ve known it”, and for some it will seem like the end of the world, literally and figuratively.  The key is perspective, and the power of perspective is in our choice.  In other words, our power lies in how we choose to see and experience the changes happening on Universal, global and individual levels.

The era of cooperation and connection, heart-centeredness, Love, and living from Truth (the Truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around) is upon us.

The discomfort many of us are feeling is the transformation that is necessary in order to facilitate this global awakening.   We can either choose to resist it by ignoring it, or dismissing it as just a bunch of New-Age woo-woo hoopla, or choose to engage in the process in a meaningful, heartfelt way.

We get to choose to ride the wave and go with the flow of a new tide, or find ourselves sandbagging furiously—trying to shore up a construct of reality that is not only dissolving before our very eyes, but which threatens to drown us in the process.

In the past couple weeks nearly all my clients have reported feeling both euphoric and depressed, sometimes within the same day (and no, none of them are Bipolar)!  I found myself describing depression several times yesterday.  Perhaps you will find the distinction useful yourself:

Depression is another word for STUCK.  It is the result of shoving down, holding back, not seeing or not wanting to see, what is painful in our lives.  It is repressing thoughts, emotions, and our own truth because we think it’s unsafe or too scary to experience or express these things outwardly.  This repression happens both consciously and subconsciously.

Energetically speaking with depression, energy is not moving how and where it needs to and the natural flow of energy is interrupted, it gets ‘stuck’.

Back to the topic of choice:  Individually and collectively we are being called to release the baggage that no longer serves us.   We are being called to let go of that which is stuck, or keeping us stuck, in our current patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior.

We need not do it alone, but we must do it ourselves, each and every one of us.  Some will choose to not to.  That is OK.  If you are a person who is an “over-giver”, meaning you really want to “help” people through making things easier for them (in some circles it’s called co-dependence), this time may be especially hard for you.  Because what I perceive happening is that now more than ever, we cannot “do” anything for others, each one of us MUST choose, whether we choose consciously or not, our outcome.  So, COMPASSION will be a useful feeling to both embrace and practice from here on out.

I’d like to offer a couple techniques or practices for consciously and gracefully navigating through these interesting times.  Watch for new tips and techniques throughout the year, I’ll pass on what I’m doing and what I’m learning along the way…

1)   RELEASE.  Many of you may have already done something like this on New Year’s Eve, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late.   Get several sheets of paper, a pen and write.  Write EVERYTHING you can think of to release from 2011 or anytime in your past.  Put down everything from the smallest transgression to your most shameful habits, thoughts, resentments, and behaviors.  Old hurts, regrets, painful memories; include all of it.  Let all of these flow out your hand through the pen and onto the paper.

Even if you are a fast typist, hand write this list.  Why?

a)    Your hands are directly connected to your heart energetically.  What is heavy on your heart needs to be released, let it flow out your hands.

b)   It’s much easier to connect to and release emotions when writing by hand.

c)    You’re going to burn these pages.  Not only do you not want a record of them on your computer, you want as much physical interaction with the pages as you can (see a & b).

In a safe place, burn the pages.  As you do so, be intentional and aware of really releasing everything on the paper.  Let it all go.  Feel the weight lifted off of your shoulders and from your heart.  I like to do this before bed.  I find I sleep better and my conscious mind doesn’t go searching the ashes for any remnants of what I just released.

2)   GROUND.  Get grounded as much as you can.  Here’s a quickie exercise (less than 30 seconds) you can do anywhere, anytime—even in an elevator or while your child or customer is melting down in front of you:

a)    STOP:  Stop what you’re doing or saying.

b)   GROUND:  Imagine you have roots growing down into the Earth through the soles of your feet.

c)    SURROUND:  Imagine yourself surrounded with white light (or any other color that suits you).

Remember, what’s happening is happening.  You are not going crazy, though you may feel like it.  You do not need to engage in the drama around you.  Your point of power is right here, right now—and you activate it through choice and making a decision.

Drop me a line.  Let me know if this was helpful for you—or if there is anything you’d like to see here in the future to support your life and business in the coming months!

From My Heart to Yours,



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