Do you have control issues?

Hate feeling out of control? too. Try this little reframe on and see what happens! #HumanDesign + #AccessConsciousness = FREEDOM. This little gate coming out of the heart center (gate 21) is the gate of CONTROL. [Anyone else out there a control freak?? Yeah,...

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Your Design In Action

Hey there! I've had so many discussions with folks lately about their Human Design and how they compare themselves to others - usually wishing they could get things done the way other people do. It's amazing how much judgement we can have about ourselves and how we...

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Mastering Illusion

Hey Soul Traveler! Ever feel like you aren't sure you can trust your intuition when it comes to yourself as easily as you can trust it and be in the flow with your clients, friends, and colleagues? If so, I have an awesome *FREE* guided journey for you to help you...

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Do you ever doubt yourself and your Inner Voice?

Do you ever wish you could get the same clarity for yourself and your business that you seem to get when working intuitively with your clients?

Join me on this FREE guided journey to uncover the illusions that have you doubting yourself and your Inner knowing…

You will discover:

  • The top 3 illusions that keep you from trusting yourself (and what to do to dissolve them)
  • The truth about YOUR fear of being more visible (and how the coaching industry makes it worse vs. better!)
  • What it’s like to co-create with the Soul of Your Business (and why trusting your intuition makes all the difference)
  • What a psychic concussion looks like (and how to avoid one for yourself!)
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